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With the latest Hearthstone major in Seoul wrapped up, Blizzard decided to release a new bundle. This is a good time for players to invest who are looking to try out the new decks they saw at the event. It is important to note that this new Explorer Bundle does not include packs of the newest Hearthstone expansion, Saviors of Uldum.

What you get with the Explorer bundle

The Hearthstone Explorer Bundle is available in the webshop for €19,99 /$19.99 depending on your region. The bundle includes 20 packs, five packs from each of the previous four Hearthstone expansions before the Saviors of Uldum expansion: The Witchwood, Boomsday, Rastakhan’s Rumble, and Rise of Shadows. Additionally, you will receive a random Legendary card from the Saviors of Uldum expansion to increase your collection for the standard format.

Is this bundle worth your money?

The bundles in Hearthstone have always been a topic of discussion. However, with the price of individual card packs, and the limited bundles Hearthstone offers, it is generally worth it to invest in these bundles when they come up. At $1/€1 per pack, this bundle is not nearly as good as the bundles have historically been. However, it still beats out the price per pack of the largest permanent bundle Hearthstone offers at $69.99 for 60 packs.

Comparing this bundle to the preorder bundle of the Saviors of Uldum expansion shows it is not nearly as great. While the preorder bundles had the same price per pack as the Explorer Bundle, the number of packs and extra benefits was much more generous. The Explorer Bundle offers a regular Legendary of the newest expansion and no packs towards the new expansion. Meanwhile, the preorder bundle offered 50 or 80 packs $50-80 respectively. Additionally, a golden Legendary card, a unique card back, as well as a unique hero portrait for the 80-pack bundle were offered alongside it.

The Explorer Bundle will be available in the webshop starting now until Sep 3. For more Hearthstone content, be sure to check out the new competitive format for Hearthstone going forward.