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Evil Geniuses announced a new collaboration between their DOTA 2 team and HealthyGamer.gg, a Twitch-based mental health organization. The founder of HealthyGamer.gg, Dr. Alok “healthygamer” Kanojia will act as the team’s mindset and performance coach for The International 10 according to a report by Esports Insider.

Healthygamer to aid Evil Geniuses at The International 10

Healthygamer.gg is a well-known mental health organization on Twitch that was founded by Kanojia. In his streams, Kanojia talks about health and mindfulness with members of his community, frequently helping people with mental health issues get over them. Over time, he has built a large community around improving the mental well-being of gamers all over the world. HealthyGamer.gg is now a thriving community of gamers that also offer to coach other members on their mental health issues. Kanojia is also a long-time fan of DOTA 2 as he has mentioned on his stream plenty of times.

“The mental aspect of gaming is just as important as skill, and I’m proud to join Evil Geniuses DOTA 2 as they embrace mental health and empower both the individual players and the team.” Healthygamer.gg said in a statement to Esports Insider. “Their leadership in the mental health space is an example for the rest of the esports industry.”

Evil Geniuses comes into The International 10 with the hopes of being the second organization to raise the Aegis of Champions a second time. Evil Geniuses’ last win was in 2015, cementing North America as a region capable of reaching the highest highs in DOTA 2. They come into this year’s international with a second-place finish earlier in the year during the Kyiv Animajor, and after toping the standings of the North American DOTA Pro Circuit.

“Having helped millions of gamers worldwide – and a gamer himself – Dr. K is uniquely qualified to play the role of Mindset and Performance Coach for us.” Danny Engels, director of gaming excellence at Evil Geniuses, said in a report by Esports Insider. “When you’ve maxed out on skill and technique, becoming champions comes down to teamwork and performance under pressure, and Dr. K has helped our team reach the next level.”