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HCT Winter Championship – Player Profiles China

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The HCT Winter Championship will be broadcast live from Blizzard Arena Los Angeles. The competitors will be competing for their share of $250,000 and 251 Hearthstone Competitive Points for the next period. The event will be broadcast Feb. 28 through Mar. 3 from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. PT daily (17:30 p.m. CET – 5:30 p.m. CET / 11:30 a.m. ET – 11:30 p.m. ET). Today we take a look at who made it through the playoffs to represent the Chinese region.

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Zhe “GoeLionKing” Wang

The first representative of the Chinese region is GoeLionKing making a return to the HCT Championship stage. After a disappointing performance at the Fall Championship last year, GoeLionKing is here to prove he deserves to be around. His biggest achievement to date is still his victory in the 2016 Gold Open Series in Guangzhou.

Xu “LFYueying” Kai

There is little known about LFYueying in the Western scene. While he has yet to compete at an international event before this, his experience competing in the large open circuit of China gives him a good foundation. His biggest accomplishment to date is winning the Gold Series event in Suzhou in 2018. LFYueying has expressed interest to compete in any tournament regardless of scale to further prove himself in the competitive Hearthstone scene.

Guan “SNJing” Zhendong

SNJing is the wild card of the Chinese representatives. Only recently starting up his tournament career after playing Hearthstone for a long time, SNJing has already had his breakout performance winning the Gold Series event of Xi’an back in 2018. We are excited to see this aggressive player take to the stage in a heavy control-oriented meta.

Zhao “Caimiao” Haixiao

Caimiao is one of the best known Chinese players in the western regions. He made the top 8 of the Fall Championship last year and made an appearance at the CN vs. EU Championship of 2018. He has proven over the years to be one of China’s best, and he is back to take a shot at the title of Winter Champion this time around!


This was the final part of our Player Profiles series for the upcoming Winter Championship. If you missed any of the previous installments of Player Profiles, take a look at the profiles for Europe, America, and the Asia-Pacific Region.