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HCT 2018 Fall Championship Predictions: Who Will Win?

With the Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) Fall Championship is about to start, we will get to watch some of the best from all corners of the world competing for the title of 2018 Fall Champion. It’s anyone’s game, but we certainly have our guesses at who will come out on top. With that in mind, here are our picks to take down the 2018 Fall Championship.

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David “Justsaiyan” Shan from team Tempo Storm is our first pick to win it all. Justsaiyan was ranked 2nd best Hearthstone player in the world by Invenglobal for his play in Summer 2018 competitions. With his solid lineup and good tech cards, the odds are very much in Justsaiyan’s favor. His track record over the last few months is only matched by Hunterace – currently considered the best player in the world.

One difficulty Justsaiyan’s lineup may have is it’s weakness against the aggressive lineups. Although Justsaiyan has worked his way towards improving these match-ups, a lot could still go wrong if he takes some early losses.  


Next up is He “LPTrunks” Huan, from team LP. Trunks’ track record in China is unmatched. His performances in competitive Hearthstone over the years make him a great candidate to take the entire thing down. His lineup prediction seems to be strong and is built to give him an advantage in the mirror lineups while not giving up the edge against anti-control lineups.  One thing Trunks and his practice partner Islandcat will have to hope for is to avoid facing off against the European Hatul. Hatul has the only Anti-Aggro lineup from the entire tournament and would likely be a near unwinnable match-up for the Chinese players. 


The wild card this time around seems to be Sim “Ryvius” Dasol. The South Korean was ranked 8th in the world by Invenglobal, even though we haven’t seen him at many international Hearthstoneevents. His placements at HCT Tokyo and Bangkok may only be the start for him. Coming off an incredible performance at the Fall Preliminaries, we think Ryvius has the momentum in his favor and could go the distance. The danger is that the lineup he brought has three decks he isn’t known for. He has only had about a month to practice a whole new playstyle. We will have to wait and see how comfortable he will be with his decks this event.

And that covers our predictions for the upcoming HCT 2018 Fall Championship Predictions. Who do you think will become the 2018 Fall Champion and who do you think will qualify for the world championship later this year? The action begins on October 11 at 8:30AM PT and you can catch it all at the PlayHearthstone Twitch channel

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