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Halloween returns to Rocket League with new event

Halloween is around the corner, which means the annual Rocket League event, “Haunted Hollows,” returns as well! From Oct. 15 until Nov. 5, players will collect a “Candy Corn” currency after every match. This can be used to unlock spooky cosmetic items of different varieties, such as toppers, decals, wheels, boosts, titles, and banners.

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More images of the items can be found on the official announcement page as well as in the trailer below.

Players can also spend their Candy Corn on Golden Pumpkins, an item that will allow unlocks from the Player’s Choice Series 2, Nitro, and Turbo loot boxes. While these are older crates, Psyonix already confirmed that, unlike the Champion Series crates, they are not being retired. It is a welcome feature since these crates contain very popular and valuable items. While desired items from these crates won’t be guaranteed, players can at least open them without spending money on keys.

Players who hold on to their Candy Corn after the event will have three extra days to spend them before they are lost forever.

But wait — there’s more!

Before the Halloween event begins, there is more to play for this very weekend, starting from Thursday, Oct. 11. Rocket League‘s predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (or SARPBC) launched 10 years ago. To celebrate this, Psyonix is hosting a double-XP weekend. With the recently released Rocket Pass, this is excellent timing to gain extra levels and unlock some sweet items.

Rocket Pass rewards unique items until level 70, after which it rewards painted items of previous tiers as well as keys to unlock crates. Alternatively, you could save up 10 keys and use those to buy the second run of Rocket Pass next month. However, in order to reach those high levels before the first season of Rocket Pass is over, players either need to commit a lot of time to the game or open their wallets to buy tiers. This weekend, then, is a good opportunity to catch up on those levels!

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