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Developer 343 Industries and Halo Infinite has had a bit of a rough year. After seeing a significant delay, pushed back all the way to 2021, news surrounding the latest mainline game in the Halo series has been fairly sparse. Rumors circulating online, however, suggest that Halo Infinite will be getting a battle royale mode after its release.


Halo Infinite’s rumored battle royale will be free for all UNSC soldiers

The battle royale version of Halo Infinite will follow a similar model as Fortnite. The battle royale portion of the game will be free for all players. Players will choose either the UNSC or the Banished and take place on Zeta Halo. The leak did not say whether or not the battle royale mode will release at the same time as Halo Infinite.

While 343 Industries may be working on the game, it doesn’t mean the developer was particularly happy about it. The rumor claims that Microsoft handed down the decision to add a battle royale mode. The “only ‘BR’ they wanted was the Battle Rifle.”

The rumor also claims that Halo Infinite still does not have a definite ending, with two possible conclusions to the game that will drastically affect the future of the series. 343 Industries is looking to extend Halo Infinite through the 2020s and will continue to update the Slipspace engine Infinite is built on to support future games.

There’s more Halo in the works

According to the rumor, Halo Infinite is approaching the franchise a little differently after the negative reception of Halo 5. While observers expect the main game to release next year it will not be the end of Halo Infinite’s story. Rumors describe a “four-chapter” release, and Halo Infinite will reportedly release alongside spin-off games. Two of these games are rumored to be in the planning stages already.

One of these spin-off games will be a third Halo Wars title. The rumor claims that this Halo Wars game was originally canceled but brought back to tell a more complete story for Infinite. The plot will follow Atriox as he leaves the Ark and battles the Spirit of Fire. The game will follow the Banished as they travel to the mysterious ring where Halo Infinite takes place. The other planned game will follow Fireteam Osiris (from Halo 5) and will take place simultaneously with Infinite’s timeline.