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On July 25, Misfits Gaming announced that Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyeon and Paul “sOAZ” Boyer have left their League of Legends team. This doesn’t come as a big surprise, as the entire Misfits Gaming LEC team found themselves benched last week in favor of the academy League of Legends squad. The announcement came via the MisfitsGG Twitter account, where they thanked GorillA and sOAZ for their time on the team.

GorillA and sOAZ joined the Misfits squad back in Nov 2018 with the intention of becoming this season’s super team. The results, however, told a very different story. The team, at the time they of their replacement, sat at the bottom of the standings. They barely managed to hold on to their spot above the 10th place team, Excel Esports.

What will happen to the remaining players of the LEC Misfits roster has not yet been determined. On July 5, they announced the intention of continuing with a 10-man roster. However, this was not met with great response from the LEC team’s players. sOAZ was one of the players most vocal about this, so it is no surprise he was among the first to look for a different opportunity.

Misfits Gaming’s current LEC lineup

Now, the current Misfits LEC lineup looks like this:

  • Top: Danny “Dan Dan” Le Comte
  • Jungle: Nubar “Maxlore”  Sarafian / Patrick “Obsess” Engelmann
  • Mid: Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten / Adam “Lider” Ilyasov
  • ADC: Steven “Hans Sama” Liv / Matúš “Neon” Jakubčík
  • Support: Aleksi “Hiiva” Kaikkonen

With Gorilla and sOAZ leaving the 10-man roster of Misfits Gaming, we can expect more of the academy players to take starting roles on the team. After all, the academy team performed well in their league and seemingly worked together much better than the LEC roster.

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