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Former Golden Guardians midlaner Greyson “Goldenglue” Gilmer has revealed he is now a free agent following Tanner “Damonte” Damonte’s recruitment. After some reflection, Goldenglue plans to take on other roles within professional League of Legends, including coaching.

Goldenglue shared the news through a Twitlonger post on Friday. “I had a call with management informing me that there was a chance that Damonte could be joining the team…” He continued, “At this time I was also allowed to reach out to other teams if I wanted to… I was pretty upset because I thought that I without a doubt proved myself worthy in the Spring Split.”

The midlaner had previously played on thirteen teams, including Dignitas and Immortals. He held a solid track record, coming first or second place, until when he joined Golden Guardians in early March. This Spring Split wasn’t his best, as the team reached sixth place in the 2020 Spring Split and Playoffs. Even though he balanced his career jumping between Academy to pro LCS teams, Goldenglue had thought that Golden Guardians was his end-game. Unfortunately, he lost his spot to Damonte back in June.

Getting replaced

As Golden Guardians began tryouts with their Academy members, Goldenglue thought Antonio “Ablazeolive” Abbott might take his spot. Additionally, he thought his time with Golden Guardians proved that he was the right player for the team and was disappointed when they began to consider a new midlaner. “I felt like I was one of the best performers on the team in Spring Split, and I had the most MVPs in our wins to show it, but it seemed like none of that mattered at the time.”

Damonte also tried for the spot, however, and GG picked him up after only two days of scrims. This left him and Ablazeolive to fight for the Academy position. In the end, Golden Guardians decided to stay with Ablazeolive, as he already had Academy experience.

After fighting for both spots, Golden Guardians attempted to help Goldenglue sign with a new team. Unfortunately, the search was unsuccessful, and Goldenglue began the Summer season as a free agent.

Considering other paths

Overall, Goldenglue decided that he should consider other options besides playing. He reasons that he has the right personality and experience to coach and is open to offers within that area. “I think growing myself as a coach seems like a viable but also very intriguing career path for me. I could see myself becoming the coach that I always needed but was never there for me.”

Although it’s been a rough six months with Golden Guardians, Goldenglue seems hopeful for what’s to come. He thanks the team for all they had done for him in the past six months and looks forward to the future. “I hope I can find a place to grow and learn for the rest of Summer Split,” he stated, “and also continue to develop myself both professionally and personally.”

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