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Golden Guardians announced their roster on Wednesday for the 2022 League of Legends Championship Series Spring Split. The roster is currently pending approval from Riot.

Eric “Licorice” Ritchie will get top lane, Nicholas “Ablazeolive” Abbott will go mid and Lawrence “Lost” Hui will fight at bot. Additionally, Joo-Sung “Olleh” Kim will play support and Milo “Pridestalker” Wehnes will be the team’s jungler.

  • Top: Eric “Licorice” RitchieJungle
  • Jungle: Milo “Pridestalker” Wehnes
  • Mid: Nicholas “Ablazeolive” Abbott
  • Bottom: Lawrence “Lost” Hui
  • Support: Joo-Sung “Olleh” Kim

“We’ve made our moves. Join us in welcoming the new faces and cheering on the familiar ones as we look to make some noise in the upcoming season,” the Golden Guardians wrote on Twitter.

League of Legends roster

While Licorice played a pivotal part in the Golden Guardians’ efforts during the 2021 Summer Split playoffs, Pridestalker became a new member of the team. Before, Pridestalker played under the MOUZ flag in Europe’s Prime League Pro Division.

As for Ablazeolive, he returned to the Golden Guardians after his participation in the Golden Guardians Academy and LCS teams. Like Licorice and Ablazeolive, Olleh rejoined the League of Legends team as well.

Meanwhile, Lost joined the Golden Guardians after competing for TSM. Lost helped his former team win fourth place in the LCS 2021 Championship.

“The final piece of our roster, Lost joins us from TSM,” the Golden Guardians revealed on Twitter. “As a consistent force in the bottom lane, we are excited to see what he accomplishes here as he continues to grow and develop.”

TSM bid farewell to Lost, thanking him for dedication and time. The team added that they cannot wait to see Lost grow with the Golden Guardians.

“Really thankful for my 2 years spent at TSM, I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people during my time here and have grown a lot both as a player and a person,” Lost posted on Twitter. He then thanked those who supported him over the past year.

The League of Legends Championship Series will return in January 2022.