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IEM Fall 2021 was a breakthrough event for Brazilian COUNTER-STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE teams. One squad, GODSENT, showed an impressive performance, earning themselves a second-place finish. As a result, the team will be heading to the 2021 PGL Stockholm Major.

As GODSENT readies themselves for the Major, they sat down with Upcomer to reflect on their journey and look to their future. Additionally, we gain insight as to how veteran João “⁠felps⁠”  Vasconcellos approaches working with his younger teammates, Eduardo “dumau” Wolkmer, Bruno “b4rtin” Câmar and Bruno “latto” Rebelatto.

GODSENT doesn’t fold to criticism.

In early 2021, Swedish CS: GO organization GODSENT announced the signing of a Brazilian project developed by former MIBR members: Epitácio “TACO” de Melo, Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia, and felps. Three up-and-coming South American players, dumau, b4rtin, and latto, round out the roster.

Felps told Upcomer that he, TACO and dead were aware their roster was going to receive criticism. “We knew it was going to be difficult because the Brazilian community is in great need of quick results,” he said. “Brazil has always been among the best in the world, and we haven’t won for a long time.”

The team was well aware all eyes were on GODSENT. Felps explained the group’s founders set clear goals for the team.  “We told everyone that it was a process and we would use it to do our best this year,” he said. Despite mounting pressure from the Brazilian scene, “we laughed off some of the criticism because we knew our potential,” felps said.

Furthermore, regarding criticism, GODSENT’s youngest player, dumau, expressed that the team accepts outside comments but doesn’t let negativity affect them. “There will be a lot of criticism, as well as a lot of good things,” he said. “People will always talk about you, so we just accept and keep going, focusing on us.”

Results keep coming

Provided by GODSENT

GODSENT’s attitude towards criticism and their ability to prioritize improving as a whole has paid off. The team has secured a first or second-place finish at their last five events. In addition to their success at IEM Fall 2021 NA, GODSENT finished first at DreamHack Open September 2021 NA, which qualified the team for the ESL Pro League Season 15 conference. Most recently, GODSENT finished first in ESEA Advanced Season 38 NA.

On qualifying for the Major felps stated it’s “amazing” they will be playing in Stockholm. He noted their intentions going into IEM Fall were to play their best. Following felps, dumau spoke on the team’s positive attitude heading into IEM Fall. “We said to each other let’s play [IEM Fall], and if we qualify, it’s very, very good,” dumau said.  “If we do not qualify, it’s ok. We can wait more and take other experiences.”

Felps: “I became the kind of player I never thought I was going to be.”

For many, GODSENT qualifying for the Major came as a surprise because the squad’s younger players have little experience playing at the highest level. Upcomer asked how veteran member felps helped dumau, b4rtin, and latto prepare for competition. Felps beamed and said: “Here [at GODSENT], I became the kind of player I never thought I was going to be, being an example, leading and helping the boys.” He said he reminds the up-and-coming players that “the opportunities [they’re] having are rare, and for them to make the most of it.” In-game, felps said he pushes his teammates to compete their best regardless if “they are against the best or the worst.”

Now that GODSENT’s eyes are set on the Major, felps said the event is a stepping stone for the team. “We took a huge step, and we have to make the best use of it,” he said. Furthermore, the player expressed how playing at PGL Stockholm will provide immense experience for his younger teammates. “Playing LAN, understanding how this atmosphere works and understanding how to play at a LAN as a team will be fundamental,” felps said.

Looking to the future, felps also stated this Major will “be of great help for the next championships we are going to play.”

GODSENT will make their PGL Major debut October 26 versus ENCE during the Challenger’s stage. For more information regarding scheduling, streams, and upcoming GODSENT matches, visit their official HLTV page.