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Event organizer Calvin “GimR” Lofton announced on Tuesday that he has postponed upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate major Glitch Infinite due to an increase in cases of the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Though it was originally going to begin on Jan. 14, the tournament will now run from Feb. 18-20.

GimR noted that the Maryland Jockey Club venue in Laurel, Maryland, is not big enough to safely support the over 700 attendees currently registered for Glitch Infinite given the current state of COVID-19 in the United States. However, he said the tournament organizers believe they will be able to run the tournament as planned come February.

Additionally, GimR noted that the team’s partnership with the Maryland Jockey Club made changing the date of the tournament “less of a logistical nightmare.” He said that Smash community members shouldn’t expect other tournament organizers to shift dates so easily.

“Most organizers (including ourselves) have contracts they cannot get out of and it should not be expected of them to cancel their events and take on that kind of debt,” GimR’s statement said.

More about Glitch Infinite

GimR also announced changes to Glitch Infinite’s COVID-19 safety protocols. Attendees must now show proof of vaccination and a negative COVID test taken on Feb. 14 or later. The tournament organizers will accept rapid tests in addition to PCR tests. They will also offer 250 rapid tests at the door on a first come, first served basis.

As the name suggests, all of the Glitch tournaments get their inspiration from famous video game glitches. Glitch Infinite’s theme is based on infinite combos in traditional fighting games. As a result, the TOs have invited several Ken, Ryu, Terry and Kazuya mains to the event. Previous themes have included the Konami Code, Missingno from Pokémon and Minus World from Super Mario Bros.