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After surviving a reverse sweep from DWG KIA in the quarter-finals, many felt like Gen.G’s hard times were over at Worlds given that DAMWON were the team they often struggled against domestically. Even though DRX had taken down the defending World Champions EDG, they were yet to defeat Gen.G in 2022.

Their win against Gen.G shocked a lot of fans but head coach Go “Score” Dong-bin explained how his opponents changed for the Worlds semifinals.

“I believe that every LCK team has great potential,” Score said in the press conference. “I think DRX was able to unleash the potential from the regional gauntlet up until Worlds,  they did a great job.”

Gen.G’s thoughts on Worlds 2022 and plan for the future

Heading into Worlds 2022, Gen.G were seen as not just the favorites to top Group D but to also lift the brand-new Summoner’s Cup. They dominated the LCK summer split dropping only one series in the regular split as well as the playoffs. They replicated the success T1 found in the spring split and were now the number one must-watch team for Worlds.

Gen.G did not have the best start to the tournament, but they bounced back in the second half of the group stage.

“Throughout this Worlds, there were several changes in terms of my mindset,” Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk said in the press conference.

“Throughout the group stage, I was like I should never leave any regret behind. As time went by we were like because we are doing our best in the given situation, it’s okay to actually leave something to be desired; that was the first change that happened in my mind. And this semifinals as well, I feel like I tried everything I could, so I feel pretty okay about it.”

Although Gen.G’s Worlds did not end as they planned, their exit from the tournament gives them time to rest; and regroup for the LCK 2023 season. While there may be changes to their roster, it is unlikely that Gen.G will break their team identity. Gen.G dominated the LCK in the summer split and will be looking to do the same in 2023.

“I believe next season we will do better and we will do our best in order to come back stronger”, Score said.

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