Gen.G extend mid laner Chovy through 2023
Chovy Gen.G
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Gen.G extend mid laner Chovy through 2023

Chovy's first time staying with a team for more than a year

Esports organization Gen.G have extended their League of Legends mid laner Ji-hoon “Chovy” Jeong through 2023. This signing marks the first time that Chovy has committed to a team two years in a row; with Gen.G’s recent success in the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) region, finishing second in both the 2022 Spring season and playoffs, Chovy remains with the squad to help secure their regional championship.

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Chovy path to, and with, Gen.G

Chovy has stayed in Korea throughout his League of Legends career, starting for Gwangju in late 2017. After moving almost yearly to different rosters, from Griffin to Hanwha Life, Chovy was a proven catalyst for success. Some notable finishes include winning the LCK 2019 Spring and Summer seasons, a second place spot in the LCK 2020 Summer playoffs for DRX and a third place finish in both the LCK 2021 Spring season and playoffs for Hanwha Life. He earned the ‘Player of the Split’ title in the LCK Spring 2021 season as well. To put it mildly, Chovy has had great form and consistency in LCK.

After joining Gen.G in late 2021, that second place finish in the 2022 Spring playoffs continued his great form. According to Chovy, that recent team success was enough for him to extend his contract.

“I was assured of a successful future with the team’s utmost support, and I decided to continue my journey with Gen.G,” Chovy said. “I will do my best to repay the support from the team and fans, aiming for the championship title in the upcoming summer season.”

Gen.G speak out on upcoming Summer Split

Some people from Gen.G were very avid to speak on this signing. With the 2022 Summer Split around the corner, signing Chovy is crucial both to their roster and their success.

“I am thrilled that Chovy trusted us throughout the Spring Split and into our long-term vision for the LoL team and esports program in general,” said CEO of Gen.G, Arnold Hur. “This guy isn’t just good, he’s a game changer. Any chance you have to sign a superstar like him, you have to take it.”

Lee Jihun, Gen.G’s general manager, knows that this matchup will only raise the tide for the other players on the team.

“The key role of an esports team is to build the best environment for players to concentrate on their play,” Lee said. “We will continue to provide the industry’s best system for all members of our Gen.G team and strive to achieve all our goals as one team.”

Gen.G will play their first game of the LCK 2022 Summer Split against KT Rolster on June 16, 2022.

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