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Gen.G have reverse swept Envy to eliminate them from Valorant Champions Tour Masters event.

Gen.G faced off against Envy at the beginning of the tournament when Envy knocked Gen.G down to the lower bracket. Since then Gen.G has defeated XSET and 100 Thieves 2-0 to advance in the lower bracket and hope to make it to the finals. Envy fell to FaZe Clan in the upper bracket of the tournament before defeating Luminosity Gaming in the lower to advance.

The first map of the series had Envy dominating Gen.G on their map pick of Ascent. After going up 10-2 at the half, Envy was able to close things out cleanly at 13-4. It looked dire going into map two on Haven since it was Envy’s pick of the series. However, Gen.G were able to hold their own on Haven, winning six rounds in a row to cement the map. Bind would be the deciding map of the series which started out heavily in Gen.G’s favor. They were up 9-3 at the half. Back-to-back pistol round wins helped close the gap for Envy, but Gen.G proved to be just too powerful.

Gen.G continue their lower bracket run after eliminating Envy

After losing to Envy in the first match of Masters, Gen.G has begun to snowball in the lower bracket. They first took down XSET in a clean 2-0 with Shawn “Shawn” O’Riley and Danny “Huynh” Huynh going almost double-positive overall. They were then able to secure their place in the top-four at Masters after defeating First Strike Champions 100 Thieves. That series saw Anthony “gMd” Guimond and Kenneth “koosta” Suen popping off.

Gen.G, despite having a disappointing run at the last closed qualifier, has improved greatly during their lower bracket run. All members on their roster are stepping up when needed against top-tier teams to further them in the lower bracket. With their win over Envy, Gen.G will now move on to face FaZe Clan in the lower bracket final. The winner of that series will face Sentinels in the grand final.