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ESL One New York Gambit Na'Vi

Gambit upsets Na’Vi in ESL One New York Decider Match

ESL One New York has been no stranger to upset wins, and today would be no different. In the first decider game of the day, Gambit has taken down CIS superteam Na’Vi in two maps.

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Not a lot of people were expecting much from Gambit at ESL One New York, as 2018 has not been kind. For example, they would have an disappointing performance at the London Major, leading to an early exit. As a result, they would open transfer negotiations for star playerย Abay “Hobbit” Khassenov. However, Gambit was looking incredibly strong for a team of their stature. Although they would lose to Mousesports, they were able to take down Na’Vi in their opening series. Players like their AWPer Rustem “mou” Telepov and Hobbit have found great success in New York.

Meanwhile, Na’Vi has not been looking completely back in form at ESL One New York. After their defeat at the hands of Astralis less than a week ago, they would suffer another big loss against Gambit. They are a team they should definitely beat, but maybe Na’Vi has lost some form after the London Major. They would take down Fnatic with ease, but again, that was another team people expected them to cruise past. Aleksandr s1mple” Kostyliev remains one of the best players in the world. However, the overall team play has been lacking in this tournament thus far.

Deja Vu for Na’Vi

Their first map, Nuke, would start off perfectly for s1mple and company. Na’Vi would win the first six of seven rounds, only losing to Gambit’s first buy round of the half. The two teams would then trade rounds until the switch, with both sides going on three-round win streaks.ย  However, Na’Vi would end the first half with a 9-6 lead. Unfortunately, Na’Vi would take their foot off the gas pedal in the second half. After winning the pistol and following anti-ecos, Gambit would end up only losing two rounds from then on. Na’Vi would manage to win one round late, but Gambit’s T side executions were much too strong. They would end the game easily, winning the map 16-11.

The two teams would then meet for their second match on Inferno. It would be much more tightly contested, especially in the early stages of the map. Na’Vi would take the first pistol round, only for Gambit to come back with a force buy and take two. However, s1mple would come up huge for Na’Vi with a Deagle triple kill in the fourth round. The next handful of rounds would go back and forth, with both teams taking strings of wins each. After a tactical pause by Na’Vi in-game leader Danylo Zeus” Teslenko, Na’Vi would go on a four round win streak. S1mple would cap this off with an absolutely stunning 1v3 bomb defense. Gambit would barely hold onto an 8-7 lead into the half.

The second half would be tightly contested, with Na’Vi and Gambit both going on winning streaks one after the other. Even with a ruined economy, Na’Vi would make wins comes out of nowhere. Gambit would disrespect the abilities of Na’Vi’s players on Deagles, and they would die multiple times because of it. After regaining money, the CIS superteam would regain control and tie the score at 14-14. Unfortunately, s1mple’s superhuman effort would be for nothing, as Gambit would close out the game 16-14.

What’s Next

For Gambit, they are playing freely and with nothing to lose. With no expectations and pressure, they are able to play their own way and it is paying dividends. They are now moving on to face North America’s best team in Team Liquid in the ESL One New York’s semifinals. Meanwhile, Na’Vi now has this loss to think about, as well as their Grand Finals loss to Astralis. It seems like playing right after the Major has had an adverse effect on their synergy and play style. “The whole team just needs to believe,” says s1mple, who looked absolutely dejected after their loss. Na’Vi is still a top-five team in the world, but maybe playing an event so close to the Major wasn’t a great idea.

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