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Heroic, Gambit Esports and FURIA Esports have locked in their playoffs spots during Day 7 of the PGL Major. The three teams have promoted out of the Legends stage after winning their respective best-of-three matches. They join Natus Vincere and G2 Esports as the five teams that are competing in the Champions stage so far. They will be joined by three more teams — the winners of Tuesday’s matches.

Heroic were the most recent team to secure their playoff berth in a back-and-forth Danish derby with the Copenhagen Flames. It took three maps for Heroic to close it out, beating the Flames on Overpass. The meeting was a rematch from Round 3 of the Champions stage, when the Flames beat Heroic 2-1. It took two more matches for Heroic to become Legends, finally beating the Movistar Riders 2-0 to finish with a match record of 3-2. In the Legends stage, Heroic lost to Na’Vi before taking down Vitality and Astralis in best-of-ones. They are the first team from the Challengers stage to qualify for the playoffs.

Earlier in the day, Gambit beat Ninjas in Pyjamas in dominant fashion. The CIS powerhouse beat the Swedes 16-13 on Dust II and 16-6 on Inferno. Previously, Gambit beat ENCE, lost to Entropiq and then beat Virtus.pro in best-of-ones. They qualify with a 3-1 record and have looked like one of only a few serious contenders to take down Na’Vi in the playoffs.

Finally, FURIA qualified after beating Entropiq 2-1. The Brazilians took Vertigo 16-6, lost Nuke 8-16 and then closed it out on Ancient 16-12. They have proven that they are the best of the Brazilian teams represented at the major. With GODSENT, paiN Gaming, Sharks Esports and even Team Liquid — with Brazilian AWPer Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo — sent home, fans of the region only have FURIA to rally behind.

For Entropiq, NiP and Copenhagen Flames, there will be one more chance to win a best-of-three and qualify for the PGL Major playoffs. They play again Tuesday in their last game of the Legends stage.

The Champions stage of the PGL Major will begin on Nov. 4 with the quarter finals. The finals will take place on Nov. 7. The playoffs will take place in the Avicii Arena in Stockholm, Sweden in front of a crowd.