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After Galatasaray Esports completed their League of Legends 2021 World Championship Play-In Stage games, the team’s jungler, Berk “Mojito” Kocaman, spoke with Upcomer about their final 0-2 stretch and the Turkish Championship League. He contributed the team’s losses to a break down in communication in their first game against DetonatioN FocusMe and said that those problems persisted into their final game against Cloud9.

Mojito also spoke about the current jungle meta at Worlds 2021, saying it reminds him of the early 2016 meta, with Rengar and other carry junglers. The current Worlds meta includes many strong early game junglers, like Lee Sin, as well as assassins like Talon and Qiyana. The Turkish jungler said he likes to play these types of champions but does need to practice his Talon as he is not as failure with the champion since it has never been played in the jungle before this year.

Finally, Mojito spoke about the TCL and its summer rosters. The Turkish league usually sees an uptick in imports in the summer split, as organizations want to make a final push to Worlds, and the only path for TCL teams is to win the summer split playoffs. Mojito said he likes the level of play in the summer more than the winter because it gives him a chance to face better competition, he does not rate other Turkish junglers highly, and beat the imports brought in to carry their team to a World Championship slot.

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