G2 win the 2022 LEC Spring Playoffs after 12-0 lower bracket run
G2 win LEC Spring
G2 win LEC Spring | Provided by LEC

G2 win the 2022 LEC Spring Playoffs after 12-0 lower bracket run

G2 crowned LEC champions for the ninth time

G2 Esports defeated Rogue on Sunday to win the League of Legends European Championship 2022 Spring playoffs 3-0. After losing the first playoff series against Fnatic, G2 powered through the lower brackets without dropping a single game.

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This win gives G2 their ninth LEC title and makes them the most decorated European team in the League. The LEC spring finals also welcomed fans back to the studio after almost two years without a live crowd.

“Last year and the year we lost there was no crowd,” Rasmus “caPs” Winther said in the post-game interview. “I think with crowd, we are unstoppable because the energy from the crowd is always amazing.”

G2 Esports with LEC Trophy
G2 Esports with LEC Trophy| Provided by LEC

 G2 LEC Spring finals game

G2 started Game 1 on the red side and ran back the Ahri- Jarvan IV combination that won them the first two games against Fnatic. The combination proved to be a big success as the duo ended the game with 11 kills and 18 assists.

Furthermore, G2 carried the same momentum into Game 2 and continued where they stopped. While Rogue started the game with a matching mid lane, they failed to control the bot lane.  The rookie duo of Victor Flakked” Lilora and Raphaël “Targamas” Crabbé completely controlled the bot lane and helped G2 secure team fights.

Unlike the previous games, Game 3 started in favor of Rogue, as Malrang went on a killing spree in the first 12 minutes. However, their overextension in the mid-game cost them as Targamas quickly secured a triple kill for his team and swung the game in their favor.

After a disappointing 2021 season, not many expected G2 to be in the LEC finals with their new roster. However, they have shocked many with their 12-0 record in the lower bracket playoffs run.

CaPs is back

The 2022 LEC Spring playoffs was also a caPs show as the star mid laner reminded everyone why he was still the best in Europe. Aside from the loss against Fnatic in the first series, caPs performed incredibly well throughout G2’s run in the playoffs. While he had incredible performances on several champions, he completely dominated games on Ahri.

His 8/0/4 (Kill/Death/Assist) ratio on Ahri in Game 1 against Rogue forced them to ban the champion in Game 2.While he may not have been the best midlaner in the regular spring split, he completely changed the narrative in Playoffs. His performance earned him the LEC Spring finals MVP.

Mid-Season Invitational teams are almost set

In addition to winning the LEC spring title, G2 will join 10 other teams in the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. With several regions still yet to determine their split representatives, G2 join T1, Istanbul Wildcats and DetoNatioN FocusMe in the journey to Busan, Korea.

Having won the MSI in 2019 and faced T1 in the semi-finals, G2 will be eager to try to reclaim the title and win against the Korean giants.

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