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G2 looked comfortable and dominant throughout the series as Rogue failed to really test them. With this win, G2 will advance to their 11th LEC finals, the most for any organization in the league. They also lock in a top two finish for the LEC summer split and secure a back to back final appearance.


A Seraphine and Senna bot lane masterclass

G2 came into the series with a clear game plan — a Seraphine and Senna bot lane — and executed it to perfection. Both Raphaël “Targamas” Crabbé and Victor “Flakked” Lirola were involved in all 14 kills and made the game unplayable for the Rogue bot lane. Moroeover, Rogue’s decision to opt for the Renekton in top lane did not pay as off as the champion failed to have any impact in their team fight.

Just like the first game, Rogue decided to draft the Renekton once again in top lane. They also allowed G2 to get away with their Seraphine-Senna bot lane duo and paid again for it. Flakked ended the game with the most kills, while Targamas had a 100% kill participation again.

Moreover, G2’s Rasmus “caPs” Winther dared to test the limits with his Varus pocket pick. Rogue tried to switch things up with the Azir in mid lane for Emil “Larssen” Larsson, but they were unable to withstand the long range composition of G2.

Different draft, same outcome for G2 in the LEC semifinals

Broken Blade
G2 Broken Blade at LEC studio versus Rogue| Image provided by Riot Games

Game 3 saw a more different approach from Rogue as they finally ditched the Renekton and went for Ornn. Also Targamas and Flakked did not get to play Senna and Seraphine again. Rogue started Game 3 well with but G2 quickly answered back with an outplay from caPs on the Sylas in midlane. G2 continued to increase their pressure on the map, taking all objectives and giving Rogue no room to comeback in the game. They closed out the game in the 25th minute after another outplay from caPs in the bot lane and a teleport from Sergen “BrokenBlade” Çelik.

The 2022  LEC summer Playoffs continue on Sunday, with MAD Lions versus Fnatic playing for a chance to qualify for the finals weekend in Malmö, Sweden.

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