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G2 Esports have gifted MAD Lions a Worlds spot after their win against Misfits Gaming in the first round of  the LEC playoffs. They chose to play Misfits after finishing first in the regular summer split and were dominant for most of the series. MAD lost their first round series to Rogue and needed a Misfits loss to avoid fighting for the last Worlds spot in their remaining series. The win also sees G2 advance to the second round of the upper bracket in Malmö where they will play Rogue.

Meanwhile Misifts willl have to wait for the winner of Fnatic and Excel to battle for the last Worlds spot and a chance to have a good final run as an organization in the LEC.

G2 maintain LEC playoff win streak

While the level of competition has certainly increased in summer, G2 look one step ahead of their competitors. Since losing round 1 of the winners bracket in spring to Fnatic, G2 are yet to lose an LEC playoffs series.

Just like in spring, the team and especially Rasmus “Caps” Winther came alive in playoffs and it may be happening again. Caps ended the first game of the series with 12 kills and 12 assists on the Ahri, showing everyone what was to come later. While he had a quiet second game on Twisted Fate, he quickly picked things up in the next game with several hero plays in team fights. The third game of the series was the closest between the two teams and Cap’s Azir made the difference around objective fights.

G2 also brought out some surprising picks like Renekton mid, Nocturne jungle and Sejuani top. When asked about the Renekton mid draft, G2’s headcoach, Dylan Falco attributed the pick to being a good one for the early game. The strategy ended up working as G2 easily controlled the early game even after Misifts got a kill in top lane early on.

The LEC Playoffs continue tomorrow with Fnatic set to face against Excel in a best of five elimination series.


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