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Just days after a controversial video showing G2 Esports CEO Carlos Rodríguez celebrating with Andrew Tate, the now-former CEO posted a video announcing that he will be stepping down from his duties with G2. The organization echoed this announcement officially with a post on their social media channels.

“Its been a tough week for us all following the events of last weekend,” the official announcement from the organization said. “Today we received, and accepted, Carlos’ announcement to step down as CEO of G2 Esports.”

Ocelote also shared his own message about leaving the organization. He said his time at G2 has “come to an end,” something that has been hard for him. He said he took full responsibility for partying with Andrew Tate and his actions thereafter, which ultimately led to a ton of backlash from the esports community.

“Trust me, I feel f***ing destroyed by it,” Ocelote said.

The backlash from the controversial video led up to this decision as Rodríguez double-downed on his decision to associate himself with the mysoginist saying that “no one will ever be able to police my friendships.” That comment is ironic now. Rodríguez has been on unpaid leave since the incident but with G2 Esports allegedly missing out on a big opportunity to be one of the partnered teams in Riot Games VALORANT league due to this very incident, the blow was too much to handle.

Shortly after Rodríguez made an announcement saying he would be on unpaid leave, he was found engaging with comments on social media that defended his original actions which were obviously another terrible blunder in now a long list of them for the controversial figurehead. Rodríguez has a history of being brash on social media which has helped him gain notoriety in the scene. This time, however, it was the nail in his career’s coffin.

Tate was recently deplatformed from most social media channels due to his background and history of being a misogynist. The likes of him have no place in any sphere, especially in esports. Many fans took to social media after Ocelote’s video aired and voiced their concerns, with many fans denouncing their fandom of the organization and many prominent esports personalities calling out Rodríguez’ lack of awareness.

There is currently no news as to who will replace Rodríguez as the G2 CEO or what the next steps from a leadership perspective are for G2.

“I hope you guys remember me for the good things,” Ocelote said. “I hope that is my legacy, the good things.”


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