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Modern Horizons spoilers have just begun and already have us excited for what’s in the set! One of the most intriguing reveals of the day: a set of full art Snow-Covered basic lands! These cards are a huge addition to Modern Horizons and are the first ever full art lands of this type. These lands themselves have only been printed twice before, in Coldsnap (2006) and Ice Age (1995). This has given the cards quite a good valuation. Snow-Covered Mountains and Islands each cost about $3. This is a significant amount for simple basic lands!

Snow-Covered Plains Snow-Covered Island Snow-Covered Swamp Snow-Covered Mountain, Modern Horizons Snow-Covered Forest

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Modern and Commander have produced the biggest demand for these Snow Lands. Modern mainly utilizes Snow-Covered Mountains in the deck Skred Red, named after the Snow land oriented removal spell Skred. Gifts Storm decks generally run 1 or 2 Snow-Covered Islands alongside regular ones so they can get reveal both for Gifts Ungiven. A few mono-color Commander decks like to use these lands with Extraplanar Lens to avoid giving opponents extra mana from their normal basic lands.

In addition to the above, Snow lands see a lot of play in the Pauper format, where the aforementioned Skred is used as a removal spell in UR Delver.

The beautiful new art of these cards will be a welcome sight for many players who have been itching to bling out their decks with full art basic lands.

What Snow-Covered lands could mean for the set

The inclusion of Snow Lands is most likely more than just happenstance. These lands could hint towards never before seen cards that reward you for playing Snow Lands. As for reprints of Legacy only snow cards, we could see Withering Wisps or Icequake. Planning on building a deck based around Snow-Covered lands? It might be a good idea to pick these cards up ahead of time to avoid an inevitable price spike.

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