Fortune's Keep map appears similar in size to Rebirth Island
Fortunes Keep map Warzone
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Fortune’s Keep map appears similar in size to Rebirth Island

The new map coming in Season 4 looks like it'll be just as hectic as Rebirt

For the first time since the Vanguard integration, Call of Duty: Warzone is receiving a new map. Fortune’s Keep was fully revealed earlier this week, and it will serve as a replacement for Rebirth Island, which has been in Warzone since late 2020.

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Despite what fans might think of Activision completely removing Rebirth, Fortune’s Keep is, at least for now, a solid second choice to the main map of Caldera. It looks very similar to Rebirth and features some interesting points of interest and visuals. However, fans are more curious about Fortune’s Keep’s overall size, mainly compared to Rebirth Island.

Rebirth is a small and hectic locale that prominently features the Resurgence mode. The mode allows players to respawn after dying and get right back into the action. Fortune’s Keep will still keep this mode, but it might not be as popular if the map is much bigger than Rebirth Island, which is a popular place to level up guns and rack up high kill counts.

Fortune’s Keep size compared to Rebirth Island

As soon as Fortune’s Keep was revealed, fans immediately began to compare its size to Rebirth. One fan on Reddit made a nifty map comparison that shows exactly how the two maps stack up against one another.

Size comparison between fortune’s keep and rebirth island (use the size of the streets as a reference)
byu/Dro2910 inCODWarzone

According to this comparison, Fortune’s Keep is a little wider on the north and south ends of the map. The two maps appear to be the same size across, but Fortune’s Keep is bigger overall. While this doesn’t appear to be a huge difference in size, there are a few points of interest located outside of Rebirth Island’s borders. Fans will likely notice a small difference when navigating the map, as there’s more to explore and more places for enemies to potentially hide.

Fortune’s Keep also appears to have more buildings than Rebirth Island, so players could be able to loot up faster. A map of this size shouldn’t make games in Warzone drag on for much longer than they would on Rebirth. Activision likely wanted to give players a slightly bigger playable area to keep games from getting too hectic unless that’s what players want in their matches, at which point, they can just hot-drop at a POI and fight for the entire match’s duration.

Fortune’s Keep arrives in Warzone Season 4, which is expected to release in late June.

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