Slasher explains upside of esports on Fox Business Network

As mainstream interest in esports grows, Slasher continues to be a strong ambassador.

Fortnite's Icon Jason Krell · 16 Aug 2019


Photo via Epic Games

Rod “Slasher” Breslau continued to normalize esports within the mainstream media with another appearance on Fox, this time on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria.”

Using the recent public interest in Fortnite esports, Slasher participated in a six minute segment that shut down negative stereotypes associated with all kinds of professional gaming of all kinds. He highlighted the social aspects of esports while pointing out the development of opportunities for players, like huge prize pools and college scholarships.

The panel questioned Slasher about the financial future of esports and pointed out that some banks have dedicated hired departments to research the impact the industry could have as an economic sector. 

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Dagen McDowell, the show’s co-host, also prompted a response from Slasher about those who dismiss the value esports offers to participants, specifically teenagers. McDowell brought up how esports can prepare teens for multiple jobs that apply to other industries, and Slasher shut down exaggerated arguments that often linger around video games.

“The criticism in that way is really absurd,” Slasher said. “To compare video games to a truly addictive drug, like an opiate, is pathetic, and that should never be happening and shows a lack of understanding of what’s going on.”

Former NFL player Jack Brewer was the sole person on the panel who still wasn’t fully sold on esports, though he admitted Slasher had given him a new perspective to consider. He questioned the value of taking a child’s time away from traditional athletics to play video games. Slasher pointed out reaching the professional level would require as much of a time commitment as any other sport.

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