Ninja calls out Twitch for negligent handling of old channel

Twitch is recommending pornographic content to Ninja's viewers.

Fortnite's Icon Sascha Heinisch · 11 Aug 2019


Photo via Red Bull

Streaming super star Tyler "Ninja“ Blevins called out Twitch for recent misuse of his former channel. In a Twitter video, Ninja addressed Twitch using his channel to promote other broadcasters after Ninja had left the platform at the beginning of the month. Some of these promoted channels live streamed pornographic content, reflecting badly on Ninja’s brand.

Ninja claims his team has ignored the "little jabs" Twitch has thrown his way since leaving for the Microsoft owned streaming platform, Mixer. He gives the example of Twitch using his old channel to promote other streamers, which is something he claims they don't do when any other channel is offline.

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However, once Twitch's algorithm started promoting pornographic content on Ninja’s former channel, he was pushed past the tipping point.

“There was a porn account that was number one being recommended on my channel, and I have no say in any of this stuff,” Ninja said with disgust for Twitch's negligence. “For anyone who saw that, for anyone whose kids, or obviously didn’t wanna see that, I apologize and I’m sorry.”

Ninja has built a streaming empire over the last 8 years, culminating in his numbers exploding in 2018 when he streamed Fornite with international celebrities, like Drake and Brazilian soccer player Neymar da Silva Santos Junior. Staying mindful of his family friendly brand, Ninja purposely cut curse words from his broadcasts for the later part of his career and attracted a large teenage audience.

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