Fortnite patch v9.30 includes notable map changes

It's summertime on the island.

Fortnite's Icon Alexander Lee · 18 Jun 2019


Image courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale’s v9.30 update is live, bringing with it several significant map changes. Here’s a breakdown of the biggest changes to come to the island.

It’s summertime!

Move aside, Black Ops—now, Fortnite has its own Days of Summer event, featuring warm-weather objects such as beach balls and parasols strewn about the island, particularly in the desert and Lazy Lagoon areas. There might not be throwable water balloons, but Fortnite’s summer objects will have more utility than their Call of Duty counterparts: some of them will come into play during the challenges that will be released alongside Fortnite’s summer event.

Loot Lake factories are destroyed

The destruction of the factories near Loot Lake may be the biggest map change to come in patch v9.30. Viewed from the air, a giant footprint in the ground reveals that the carnage came at the hands (or claws) of the giant sea monster that recently escaped from the Polar Peak iceberg. The footprint is also clearly visible on the mini map. The destruction has also changed this area in less noticeable ways; for example, the wires connecting Loot Lake to NEO Tilted are now exposed.

John Wick’s house remains

Though the John Wick movie tie-in event is over, the hitman’s sprawling house has not disappeared in this patch—in fact, it appears to have gained a new solar panel. It’s not the only structure that’s been updated in v9.30, either: the building north of Fatal Fields has gained another story.

No areas have been added to or removed from the island, but the Fortnite map has still undergone notable alterations in this update. Read up on all the changes—and check out the new Chug Splash item—in Epic Games’ official patch notes.

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