XXiF and Ronaldo enter Fortnite World Cup Finals despite cheating ban

Over the protests of other pros, players formerly found guilty of collusion to remain in Fortnite World Cup Finals.

Fortnite's Icon Alexander Lee · 3 Jun 2019


Photo via XXiF

Damion “XXiF” Cook and Ronaldo earned a much-coveted spot in the Duos competition at the Fortnite World Cup Finals during yesterday’s qualifier, only one month after Epic Games banned the pair from competitive Fortnite for 14 days following the revelation that they had colluded with each other during a previous event.

At the moment, no new accusations of cheating have surfaced against the duo, who were released by Rise Nation after their initial bans. However, some prominent Fortnite players, such as streamer Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo, were not pleased by their World Cup Finals qualification.

“I feel for everyone who grinds their butts off to work on their gameplay, only to get pushed out of qualification for NYC by that duo,” wrote DrLupo in an incensed Twitter thread.

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DrLupo’s tweets were cosigned by several other Fortnite personalities, including Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff and Adam “Strafesh0t” Crawford.

Following Epic’s initial ruling on the XXiF controversy, it was widely reported that the colluding players would not be allowed to qualify for the World Cup Finals in future events. A 14-day ban with no additional repercussions is equivalent to the standard punishment given to any Fortnite player caught cheating, regardless of the stakes.

By qualifying for the World Cup Finals, XXiF and Ronaldo have secured at least $50,000—the last-place prize at the event. And with $30,000,000 on the line at the July event, the once-disgraced duo could end up earning much more.


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