xQc's rage at FaZe's Nate Hill during Twitch Rivals was spectacular

Never change, xQc. Maybe change a little, though.

Fortnite's Icon Scott Duwe · 30 May 2019


Photo via xQc/Twitter

Twitch's Rivals is home to a number of games and tons of popular streamers, so eventually, we all knew it would give birth to some special interactions.

This week, during a Splitgate: Arena Warfare event, it did—but not quite in the way we expected.

Former Overwatch League pro Felix "xQc" Lengyel and his team were up against FaZe Fortnite player Nate Hill, and the latter team was trouncing the former when xQc opened up with some classic rage that seemed a bit more harsh than general in-game banter. The former Dallas Fuel player took aim at Hill, Fortnite, and its young playerbase specifically.

The clip of xQc's tirade eventually got back to Nate Hill, who responded in time with some fire of his own in the form of a tweet.

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This is where 100 Thieves Fortnite member, SirDemetrious, chimed in with some heat of his own, saying that "the funny part is how terrible he is at Fortnite."

Of course, xQc fired back a few hours later with a pretty scathing burn.

It's likely that Twitch Rivals had streamer interactions in mind when bringing the event together, and the banter from this event was juicy.

During the match, xQc continued his ranting about how Nate Hill's team "abused" portals—which is kind of the whole point of the the new FPS game—before losing in a massive blowout.

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