FaZe CEO and CBass shoot back at Tfue's contract claims in new video

The team can't let Tfue leave to create his own esports team.

Fortnite's Icon Michael Hassall · 24 May 2019


Image via FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan has released a pair of statements from prominent members of its organization, addressing many of Turner “Tfue” Tenney’s claims regarding his contract, in a video posted on their Twitter.

In the detailed, seven-minute video, one of the team’s staff members, FaZe CBass, and the company’s CEO, Lee Trink, outline their perspective of the current controversy.

“This is a video that absolutely no one at FaZe Clan ever wanted to make,” CBass says at the start of the video.

He goes on to show partially blurred contracts which the company says it offered Tfue, with the unobscured areas showing much more favorable clauses than the alleged initial contract that leaked yesterday.

CBass adds that the legal team that offered the original contract is very different to the one they have now, and that FaZe worked quickly to fix things once they realized the deal was terrible for Tfue.

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The video elaborates on the claim that FaZe offered Tfue a new contract by explaining the difficulty of doing so without knowing what he wanted. Even though they made numerous offers, communication had broken down significantly, and Tfue didn’t accept any of them. The video also denies taking any money from Tfue’s Support-A-Creator in-game items, explaining that the in-game item contract clause only refers to the application of the FaZe logo or brand, such as sprays or stickers in Counter-Strike.

FaZe goes on to praise Tfue and their initial relationship and explain how proud they were to work with him. They do also mention that after they tried to offer new contracts, Tfue stopped responding.

The video then suggests that if the real issue was just Tfue wanting to leave FaZe, then that put FaZe in a difficult position. From their perspective, the team felt they owed it to FaZe fans to try and prevent Tfue leaving.

Trink handles the second half of the video, and gives a more detailed timeline of the team’s contract offerings to Tfue. He also attempts to cast doubt on the argument that Tfue wasn’t aware of how his contract worked by pointing out that the player has signed agreements with other organizations in the past.

Trink’s final statement explains that the organization will not let Tfue leave and create a rival team, and that FaZe will continue to push new boundaries within the esports team.

The video paints a picture of Tfue as someone secretive and unwilling to communicate. It claims he never negotiated his contract, instead jumping straight to surprise litigation as a solution. The statements outline how Tfue has focused on his initial contract, in spite FaZe alleging they never enforced many of the contract clauses.

The statements mark a shift in the dispute’s aims. While money and fairer contracts were the initial issue, things have shifted toward preventing Tfue from creating a new team and preserving FaZe’s reputation.

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