Keemstar claims Tfue wants to start his own team

Tfue's legal fight with FaZe Clan may be underlined by additional motives.

Fortnite's Icon Michael Hassall · 23 May 2019


Photo via Keemstar

Content creator, and host of DramaAlert, Daniel “Keemstar” Keem was told by sources that Tfue’s is looking to start his own esports organization, as per a tweet posted today.

In the post, Keemstar identifies one of his two sources as Jack “FaZe Joog” Tenney, Tfue’s brother and fellow FaZe Clan member, and suggests the second is another pro Fortnite player.

The claim adds a new layer to the ongoing dispute between FaZe and Tfue, over allegations of an unfair and exploitative contract. On Monday, Tfue filed a lawsuit against FaZe, prompting a spate of back and forth claims and allegations. Yesterday, Tfue called for the release of his contract, the document at the core of the dispute. His request was answered hours later when it leaked to

Keemstar later published a new edition of his DramaAlert show, outlining the latest claims, and featuring an interview with FaZe CEO, Lee Trink. In the episode, Trink reiterated FaZe’s previous assertions that they had recently offered Tfue a fairer contract, reportedly worth $1 million.

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These latest pieces of information, if true, could cast doubt upon the ultimate goal of Tfue’s lawsuit. The Fortnite pro has previously claimed he aims to highlight issues within esports pertaining to player contracts and exploitation. But this could be called into question if he is indeed building his own team.

Ricky “FaZe Banks” Banks, prominent FaZe clan member, responded to the claims on his Twitter in a highly retweeted tirade which questioned the legitimacy of Tfue’s intentions.

Upcomer reached out to Tfue and his lawyers, Freedman + Taitelman, this morning to verify the claims about his aspirations to create a new team. At the time of publishing, we have received no comment.

With Tfue’s alleged desire to create a new team now part of the dispute, this saga is anything but close to resolution. It also highlights the danger of unofficial statements, as these claims could now potential affect the final results of these proceedings.

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