Tfue calls on FaZe to publicize his contract, denying Banks' claims

And the wheel keeps spinning.

Fortnite's Icon Michael Hassall · 23 May 2019


Screenshot via Tfue/YouTube

Turner “Tfue” Tenney, the pro Fortnite player at the center of the current FaZe Clan controversy, has issued a response to the organization’s denial of wrongdoing, in a two-minute video posted on his YouTube page and Twitter account.

On Monday, Tfue filed a lawsuit against FaZe, alleging the breach of a number of California laws, and claiming that his contract with the organization had been grossly unfair.

In the video, Tfue first alludes to allegations about “the gambling, the stunts, the drinking,” stating that he’d instructed his lawyer to keep it out of the proceedings. He then goes on to criticize the makeup of his contract, describing that within it FaZe would be able to strip away all his earnings immediately, but stating that he’s unable to disclose its contents.

Tfue ended the video with a call to action for FaZe, to release the contract, with a matching hashtag to boot. Minutes later, Ricky “FaZe Banks” Banks, FaZe Clan member, and the main mouthpiece for the organization during this controversy shot back in a series of tweets.

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Banks reiterates his previous claim that FaZe offered Tfue alternative contracts, which were subsequently turned down. Tfue, for his part, has not denied or confirmed that he was offered an alternative contract. Banks finished with a solid assertion: FaZe will be releasing the contract.

Banks ended his tweet storm by extending an olive branch to Tfue, a sign that FaZe may still be looking for an amicable resolution to the dispute.

FaZe called Tfue’s bluff even before his hashtag had time to trend. Both sides appear confident the contract will be the key piece of evidence in resolving their issues. But with Tfue’s initial apology, and Banks’ offer of peace, we could yet see a satisfactory end to the dispute for all parties involved.

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