FaZe owner Banks hits back at Tfue lawsuit in emotional video

Banks claims that FaZe has made a total of $60,000 from their partnership with Tfue, and that Tfue's earnings reach tens of millions.

Fortnite's Icon Kamil Malinowski · 21 May 2019


Photo via YouTube

Ricky Banks, aka “FaZe Banks,” spoke out about the ongoing Turner “Tfue” Tenney situation in a video today.

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In the video, Banks goes into detail about FaZe’s relationship with Tfue and how this has affected him and the organization. Banks claims to be largely upset by the fact that Tfue completely blindsided him, saying “Tfue I thought we were fucking friends” and that he thinks he has created a monster.

Banks goes on to say that FaZe makes little to no money from Tfue and that the lawsuit has no legs to stand on. A statement which has been backed by multiple current and ex-FaZe members.

This revelation of new information and Banks’ own opinions have definitely lit a fire under the already massive story this lawsuit has become.

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