How much does Tfue make? FaZe Clan owner reveals

Tfue is worth a lot more than anyone thought.

Fortnite's Icon Aaron Mickunas · 21 May 2019


Screenshot via Tfue/Twitter

In the midst of an ongoing lawsuit between streamer Tfue and the organization he competes under, FaZe Clan, Tfue's approximate earnings were revealed today in a YouTube video by FaZe Clan's owner.

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According to the video, Tfue has earned upwards of $60 million USD in both Twitch revenue and prize winnings. The amount hasn't been confirmed by Tfue himself, but the owner of the organization he competes for is the most credible source to reveal this information so far.

Tfue and FaZe Clan are currently involved in a hotly debated lawsuit, in which Tfue claims the org has taken stake in up to 80 percent of all his earnings. The video above by FaZe Clan's founder denies these allegations outright, although the case has not been to court yet to hear a final verdict.

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