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Thanks to data-miner @HYPEX, we have our first look at the upcoming Fortnite Week 3 and Week 4 loading screens. While they don’t serve any in-game purpose, these screens often hint at future Fortnite additions.

The Week 3 and Week 4 loading screens also hold clues as to where the next Battle Star locations are. However, both loading screens seem to be of unknown Fortnite locations. Could this possibly be hinting at big changes coming to the island?

These images were found in the v9.10 update files. Make sure to check out our full recap of those patch notes.

What the Week 3 and 4 loading screens could mean

Fortnite Week 3 Loading Screen
The Week 3 Loading Screen in Fortnite. Credit to @HYPEX
Fortnite Week 4 Loading Screen
The Week 4 Loading Screen in Fortnite, Credit to @HYPEX

As you can see, both screens are not familiar whatsoever. Both feature new skins that have yet to be introduced in the Item Shop. This likely means each skin will be released the day the Week 3 and 4 challenges go live (Thursday at 10 a.m. ET).

While the skins are interesting, the backgrounds of both images are even more eye-catching. Week 3 features a skate park, which could allude to the new Downtown Drop LTM added in with the v9.10 update. However, this could also mean a brand new location is coming to Fortnite.

Regarding Week 4’s screen, we can draw a couple of conclusions. To start, both characters are holding Driftboards, signaling future challenges for the ground vehicle. Though, the most fascinating thing about Week 4’s screen is the location.

While it does look like they are in the desert biome, that’s not the lush and vibrant desert currently in Fortnite. More barren and sandy, this might mean Epic Games is considering changing the landscape of the southeastern portion of the map.

Also seen in the background is a brand new Loot Carrier, meaning whatever area the characters are in is a Hot Spot. This likely means the area where this image takes place is a real location in Fortnite.

Fortnite desert biome | Fortnite Week 3 and Week 4 loading screens leaked
The current color scheme of the desert biome in Fortnite

We will have to wait and see what Fortnite has in store for Season 9. Although, if these loading screens are any indication, it looks like the game might be undergoing a serious makeover soon.

Both of these screens are unlocked by completing every challenge for that respective week. The Week 3 challenges will go live on Thursday, May 23rd at 10 a.m. ET.

What do you think these images could mean? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Fortnite news and updates