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As with every week in Fortnite, the latest installment of challenges has been revealed early. Leakers tend to post the challenges a day to a week in advance of the release date so the Week 6 set hasn’t been a secret. Nevertheless, today we’ll be looking at the Week 6 challenges, named “Boogie Down,” and going over how to complete them.

If you need help with your Week 5 challenges, click for our in-depth guide from last week. Remember, you can’t go looking for the weekly Battle Stars without completing every challenge for that particular week.

Fortnite Week 6 challenges

For this week, the format stays relatively the same for Epic Games. There is a Free section and a Battle Pass section, each bringing seven different challenges for a total of 14. If you’re a Battle Pass holder, you can complete all 14 of these. Although, if you didn’t buy the pass, you are limited to the Free section.

Fortnite Season X Week 6 'Boogie Down' challenges revealed

Here are all 14 challenges for the Fortnite Boogie Down Week 6 set:

Free challenges

  • Hit an opponent with a boogie bomb (0/2)
  • Dance in front of a bat statue, a way-aboveground pool and a seat for giants
  • Get an elimination with a shotgun, assault rifle and an SMG (0/3)
  • Travel 100m while dancing
  • Visit an oversized piano
  • Destroy No Dancing signs (0/3)
  • Dance in a B.R.U.T.E. in different matches (0/3)

Battle Pass challenges

  • Damage an opponent affected by a boogie bomb (0/2)
  • Dance in front of a bat statue, a way-aboveground pool and a seat for giants in a single match
  • Get an elimination with a pistol, a sniper rifle, and an explosive weapon (0/3)
  • Dance with others to raise the disco ball at an icy airplane hangar
  • Play the sheet music at an oversized Piano
  • Dance after opening a supply drop in different matches
  • Dance behind the DJ booth at a dance club with the DJ YOND3R outfit
Fortnite Week 6 challenges | Fortnite Season X Week 6 'Boogie Down' challenges revealed
Photo Credit to @ShiinaBR on Twitter.

As per usual, the Free and Battle Pass challenges match up with each other for the most part. While there are some varying differences, a majority of the challenges on the two lists coincide with one another. For example, visiting the oversized piano for the Free challenge can also help complete the “Play the sheet music at an oversized Piano” Battle Pass challenge.

Since the title for this set is Boogie Down, there will be plenty of dancing involved for this week. However, none are extremely difficult and only a few will require some special attention. If you play for a solid amount of time, these challenges won’t pose much threat.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for guides on how to complete those peskier Week 6 challenges!