Fortnite Season 5 Skins and Cosmetics leaked in datamine

Fortnite Season 5 skins and cosmetics leaked in datamine

Season 5 of Fortnite launched earlier today and a fresh datamine is already live. The names and rarities for upcoming skins and cosmetics are now leaked. Thanks to Twitter user @sixoleaks, players can see an additional six skins that are not included in the Battle Pass. Presumably, these will be available via the in-game store in the upcoming weeks. Furthermore, a large number of backbling, emotes, harvesting tools, and gliders are also exposed. Though these items were previously leaked by @Twoepicbuddies, the names and rarities were unknown until now.

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If you’re on the fence about purchasing the Battle Pass, view our lists below, which state the items already included in the pass. Otherwise, enjoy this sneak peek at what’s yet to come for Season 5.

Fortnite Season 5 Skins leaked so far

Included in Battle Pass:

  • Drift – Legendary
  • Ragnarok – Legendary
  • Redline – Epic
  • Huntress – Epic
  • Sun Strider – Rare
  • Sledgehammer – Rare
  • Rook – Rare

Available for future purchase:

  • Magnus – Legendary
  • Chomp Sr. – Legendary
  • Masked Fury – Epic
  • Dynamo – Epic
  • Moniker – Rare (Available for purchase right now)
  • Fortune – Rare (Available for purchase right now)

Fortnite Season 5 cosmetics leaked so far

Included in Battle Pass:

  • Pool Party – Epic
  • Uplink – Epic
  • Rearguard – Epic
  • Splashdown – Epic
  • Calculated – Rare
  • Swipe It – Rare
  • You’re Awesome – Rare
  • Lug Axe – Rare
  • Ice Crystals – Rare
  • Lanterns – Rare
  • Runic – Rare
  • Gentleman’s Dab – Uncommon
  • Cruiser – Uncommon
  • Helium – Uncommon
  • Downshift – Uncommon

Available for future purchase:

  • Shark Fin – Legendary
  • Enduring Cape – Legendary
  • Hula – Epic
  • Permafrost – Epic
  • Rift Edge – Epic
  • Conquest – Epic
  • Insignia – Rare
  • Flippin’ Incredible – Rare
  • On the Hook – Rare
  • Studded Axe – Rare
  • Balloon Axe – Rare
  • Power Grip – Rare
  • Pointer – Rare
  • Forebearer – Rare
  • Libre – Rare
  • Rhinestone Rider – Uncommon
  • Rush – Uncommon

What’s next for Season 5

As seen above, a few other skins are in the leak supplied by @Twoepicbuddies, though the first two pictured are from an earlier season. We still do not know the names and rarities of the last row of what appear to be classic Western-themed skins. Epic likely has other surprises in mind, but this is a nice, early teaser.

In case you missed our earlier coverage of Season 5, catch up on the patch notes here, or read about some of the more exciting changes. Otherwise, let us know what you think of the season so far. We’d love to hear which changes you’re vibing with most, and especially which of these skins or cosmetics you want!