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Dataminers leak new Fortnite cosmetic drop trails

It seems like dataminers have been able to leak Fortnite Season Five’s cosmetic drop trails.

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Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks was able to share the info via Twitter, where they listed out several items found in the latest datamine of the next update. In order, the newest trails were named Disco, Bubbles, Stars & Stripes, TP, Glitchin’, Vines, Retro Scifi, Golden Starfish, and Ice.

There have been many speculations on what these trails could be, and how they could link to the upcoming season. Now, there have been multiple theories about the theme of Season 5. The recent rocket launch has left giant cracks in the sky. Also, on different places on the map, unusual portal-looking objects have seemed to appear.

However, if you return to this spot, the sign is completely gone. Additionally, the sign at the Anarchy Acres motel has been damaged by a rift.


The Fortnite Time Travel Theme Theory

A very popular theory on forums and Reddit is that the recent rocket launch was done by the Visitor, who is also a skin available to unlock in the game. The rocket launch was actually the Visitor travelling through time. He was possibly able to use the space rocks and various tech from the asteroid landing to create a viable time machine. However, when the Visitor was jumping from time period to time period, he created cracks in the fabric of time and space.

Finally, he made one final jump, but unfortunately for those on the island, it made permanent damage to the fabric of time itself. This made the giant crack that everyone can see above them during the game. It also made little portals that are sending items out of our time. These portals are possibly openings to the past or future. The large crack in the sky could be dropping objects from the future or past, and the small cracks found around the map could change the surroundings around it. An example of this would be the anchor players have found on the map recently.


These all point towards a large change in the scenery of the map, and the theme of different time periods for Season 5. Ultimately, the map has been due for another revamp and this possible theme could give them an amazing chance at a creative rework of the island.


What about the cosmetic trails leak?

Connecting this back to the new leaks of cosmetic trails, each trail could represent a different time period. For example, Disco could be a drop referencing the 80s, when disco was popular. TP could be referencing toilet paper, or possibly a mummy theme? Glitchin’ could be a reference to the player “glitching” in and out of time while dropping. Vines could reference the prehistoric period, living in the jungle. Ice could be the player in a block of ice, like a caveman.

Who knows though if these rumors are true or not? We will have to wait for the beginning of Season 5, which is starting Thursday, July 12 at 1am PST / 9am BST.

What do you think about this cosmetic trail leak and the possible theme of Season 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! If you want more Fortnite content, check us out here!