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Epic Games released Fortnite‘s Patch Notes v9.30 on June 18. The update brings a new item to the game with the Chug Splash. Additionally, a new creative item called “Prop-O-Matic” was introduced. The item allows players to transform into objects and play a Prop Hunt game mode. Epic also vaulted three weapons in this patch.

Fortnite also saw several other quality of life adjustments. The community has praised Patch v9.30 in general, as it fixed major pain points.

New throwable healing

Introduced in Patch v9.30, the Chug Splash adds a new dynamic to healing teammates. This item can be thrown to heal friendly and enemy players alike. The best uses of this are supporting during a battle or keeping a downed teammate alive longer. It is found in stacks of two, and players can only hold six. Chug Splash heals for 20 HP per throw.

Into the Vault

The Boom Bow, Dynamite, and Dual Pistols have entered into the Fortnite vault. After less than a season, the Boom Bow is gone. The controversial weapon no long haunts players. This weapon dominated lobbies with significant damage of 100 HP for indirect hits.

Ultimately, the current loot pool held too many explosives, too. Epic Games helped this by removing Dynamite. Though Dynamite did not deal large amounts of health damage, it did destroy buildings. Additionally, Dual Pistols left gameplay once again. Dual Pistols or Dualies rarely saw use after the initial drop.

Quality of Life changes

Three majors updates outside of items took place in the patch.

  • Removed shotgun switch delay
  • Removed the ability to shoot after rifting
  • Reduced the effective range of the Combat Shotgun

The competitive Fortnite community itself had called for the removal of the shotgun switch delay. The delay came about to prevent the double pump strategy. Now, the technique is obsolete. Secondly, Epic Games removed the ability to rift a player then shoot immediate after rifting. Players abused this exploit during competitive play, so it had to go. Finally, the Combat Shotgun received a nerf at longer ranges. The gun dealt damage further away than the developer wanted.

Prop Hunt

Prop-O-Matic is available in the Creative mode following Patch v9.30. The new item does not affect the regular game modes. Epic Games merely provided creators the ability to make such game modes. This item allows players to target an object and transform into that object, which allows for a creative game called Prop Hunt. Prop Hunt plays similar to Hide and Seek, but players transform into common items to hide.

Make sure to check out the feature creator, StrayKite. The island code is 6069-9263-9110.

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