Fortnite Guide: How to complete Season 6, Week 1 challenges

Fortnite Guide: How to complete Season 6, Week 1 challenges

Fortnite Season 6 is here, which means there’s a brand new Battle Pass, new cosmetics to unlock, and a whole heapin’ lot of challenges to complete. Whether you’re already making progress on your Battle Pass or sticking with the Free Pass, we’ll guide you each step of the way. In case you’re just now catching up, be sure to read our coverage of the major changes in Season 6. There are 70 days in the season and 10 weeks of challenges to get through, so let’s take a look at what we’re working with.

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Week 1 Free Pass Challenges

  • Pickup a Legendary Item in different matches (0/3)
  • Regain health from a Cozy Campfire (0/150)
  • Stage 1: Search Chests (0/3) – HARD

Week 1 Battle Pass Challenges

  • Apply Shields (0/500)
  • Stage 1: Land at Junk Junction (0/1)
  • Dance under different Streetlight Spotlights (0/7) – HARD
  • Eliminate opponents in different Named Locations (0/5) – HARD

Aside from the standard weekly challenges, there are also this season’s tiered challenges. The Hunting Party Challenges task players with completing all of a week’s challenges, rewarding them with a special loading screen and additional Battle Stars. Meanwhile, the Calamity Challenges are a mixture of Hunting Party tasks and XP-based challenges, similar to the Drift and Ragnarok challenges from Season 5. For now, let’s focus on the Fortnite Season 6 Week 1 challenges.

Fortnite Season 6 Week 1 Challenge Guide

Pick up a Legendary Item in different matches

For the first challenge of this season, players must pickup a Legendary Item in different matches. Three items are required to complete this challenge. To recap, there’s a fairly large variety of items that qualify for this challenge, though your odds of finding them in-game are, naturally, lesser than those of other weapons. Any Legendary Item, whether it be an assault rifle or the new Port-a-Fortress, counts toward the total. Items can be found in Chests, purchased from Vending Machines, or, in extremely rare cases, found as floor loot. You should achieve this challenge naturally by playing matches and searching, but if you’re having trouble, remember that these challenges carry over throughout the season. You have the option of simply waiting for a better opportunity, such as the return of the Solid Gold Limited Time Mode.

Regain health from a Cozy Campfire

This next challenge is also partially reliant on luck and the game’s RNG. If you’re new to Fortnite, a Cozy Campfire is a trap item that, once placed, heals the health of nearby players over a short period of time. As the challenge title suggests, players must regain health from a Cozy Campfire, 150, to be precise. The campfire heals 2 HP per second over the course of 25 seconds, meaning you’ll need to use three full campfires to complete this challenge. Unfortunately, as with the legendary weapons, there’s not much you can do to increase your odds of finding a Cozy Campfire. Search Chests when you can (which will help with the next challenge), or if you find one, purchase a Cozy Campfire from one of the in-game vending machines.

Stage 1: Search Chests

For the final Free Pass challenge of Fortnite Season 6, Week 1, players are faced with a Staged challenge. These challenges were first introduced during Season 5 and require players to complete a variety of tasks in a specific order, with each new step of the challenge only being revealed when the previous one is completed. Fortunately, we can help provide you with a bit more information. The three stages are to search the following:

  • Chests (3)
  • Supply Drops (2)
  • Supply Llama (1)

These challenges can be completed in any mode aside from Playground LTM. If you’re having difficulty, we recommend playing the 50 v 50 mode, which has an increased spawn rate for Supply Drops and other items.

Apply Shields

Moving on to the Battle Pass challenges, players must first apply 500 shields. Though this may seem like a high amount, shield points can be obtained from a variety of sources. Simply find small or regular shield potions, Slurp Juice, a Chug Jug, or even mushrooms to raise your shield. You can only have 100 shield points at any given time, so this will likely take you a few matches to complete.

Stage 1: Land at Junk Junction

Next on the list is another Stage challenge, this time requiring players to land in a variety of locations. First, players must land at Junk Junction, a decrepit location in the northwest corner of the map. This is a good opportunity to dance under the Streetlight Spotlight near this location, so be sure to reference the map below for the next challenge and combine your trips when you can. Moving forward, the other stages require players to land at the following:

  • Junk Junction
  • Tomato Temple
  • Tilted Towers

Each new season of Fortnite attracts a new group of players, so it makes sense that Epic is starting Season 6 with challenges like these. Even for returning players, the map is always changing, and it helps to encourage players to visit a variety of locations to familiarize themselves with what’s new. Fortunately, this also leads into the final challenge of Season 6, Week 1, which is to eliminate players in different locations. When you’re landing at these three, practice your aim!

Fortnite Season 6 Week 1 Spotlight Dancing Locations
Courtesy of FortniteInsider

Dance under different Streetlight Spotlights

The penultimate challenge for Season 6 Week 1 is to dance under different Streetlight Spotlights. While this may seem like a simple challenge, not every streetlight in-game qualifies. As you travel around the map, you may notice some streetlights are also equipped with large speakers. These speakers emanate faint music as you approach, similar to the club location to the northeast of Flush Factory. These are the streetlights you’re looking for. Dance under any seven of these with any of your favorite emotes to complete this challenge. To help, view the above map, courtesy of FortniteInsider. Many of these streetlights can be visited while you complete your other challenges, so try to do that when possible to save time.

Eliminate opponents in different Named Locations

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, players must eliminate 5 opponents in different Named Locations. Not only does this encourage players to visit different spots on the map, but it also helps with practice for the long season ahead. Fortunately, some of the other challenges on this list should help with this one. For example, if you’ve picked up a Legendary Item, chances are that you’ll have better odds of earning an elimination or two. If this isn’t working for you, another strategy is to jump out of the Battle Bus at the very last second. Sometimes, players will queue for a game but then go away from their computer or console. If you see a player slowly falling toward the edge of the map, chances are that they’re taking a break.

That being said, if you’re still having trouble, try playing squad-based modes. The 50 v 50 mode is particularly welcoming for new players, and you should be able to secure some easy eliminations while your opponents are distracted by your teammates. Of course, the same applies to you, so be careful!