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After one of the most recent updates in Fortnite, many players were plagued with a specific error message, which simply said “Successfully Logged Out.” The update that seemingly caused this issue was v23.20 in Chapter 4 Season 1. For whatever reason, when players try to launch and log into Fortnite after downloading this update, they’re logged back out and unable to play any matches.

Epic Games directly responded to this error message by saying that “We’re currently investigating an issue with some players receiving a ‘successfully logged out’ message when attempting to log in to Fortnite. We’ll let you know when we have more details.” Players have determined that the most likely cause of this error is that the most recent update was accidentally not applied to some players’ accounts.

While you can wait and see if Epic Games fixes this issue on its end, you can also try some fixes to get around the error yourself.

Fix the Successfully Logged Out Fortnite message

The first fix you want to try is making sure that your Fortnite application is fully updated. If there’s an update you haven’t downloaded, then you’ll 100% see this message pop up when trying to log in.

If you know you’re fully up to date with your updates, then you can attempt some restarts. You can restart your game, your system, and your internet router/modem. You can also check to see if your internet connection is fully functional as well, as that could be preventing you from getting online.

With restarting done, the last fix you can really try is to see if the Fortnite servers are working for your system.

Unfortunately, if all of those fixes didn’t pan out, you’ll have to wait for Epic Games to solve the error. There’s no telling how long this can take, so you might have to be patient.