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The Week 5 challenges for Season 8 of Fortnite are here and there are some tough tasks in this installation. As always, both the free and Battle Pass challenges allow players to advance their Battle Pass tiers or XP upon completion.

Players can accomplish these challenges in any regular game of Fortnite, but some will take specific consideration to finish. Once at least four challenges are complete, players earn a reward of 5,000 XP. If all the challenges for Week 5 are completed, you’re one step closer to earning the Discovery Skin (unlocked by doing every challenge for eight weeks total).

Need to catch up on your challenges for that coveted Discovery skin? Make sure to check out the Week 3 and Week 4 guides.

Here are the Free and Battle Pass challenges for Season 8, Week 5.

Free Challenges

Deal 200 damage with Scoped Weapons to opponents (0/200) – 5 Battle Stars

In back-to-back weeks, Epic is having players use scoped weapons. A week 4 challenge had players get an elimination with a scoped weapon, but this week only damage is needed. The first step to this challenge is simply getting lucky. There’s no concrete way to get a hold of a scoped weapon, but opening chests is your best bet.

The scoped weapons in Fortnite include Scoped and Thermal AR, Scoped Revolver, and any Scoped Sniper Rifle. If you’re strictly going for damage, using a sniper can complete this challenge with one precise shot. However, the more practical way to go would be to use a Scoped AR or Revolver. These weapons are extremely accurate and deal a consistent amount of damage.

While there is some luck involved with this challenge, once you find a Scoped weapon it’s not too difficult. If you’re able to find an enemy with full shields and health — whip out your scoped weapon, deal 200 damage, and this challenge is done.

Search 7 chests at Paradise Palms or Shifty Shafts (0/7) – 5 Battle Stars

If you’re planning on getting this challenge done as soon as possible, be prepared for an onslaught of enemies. Like you, most of the enemies around you at either of these locations are trying to complete this challenge. The best strategy is to locate some chests that have no one around them and work from there.

For Paradise Palms, pretty much any building/house can spawn at least one chest. The hotel will be a very popular landing spot, so unless you like the chaos, avoid it. There are a few smaller houses located around the area that won’t be as populated, so these are good landing spots. However, on the northern road leading out of Paradise, there is one chest that spawns on top of a carriage. While everyone else is fighting over the big buildings, this could be a sure-fire chest every match.

In Shifty Shafts, avoid landing in the lower portion with the railway tracks. There are hardly any chest spawns in there and always a few pickaxe-happy enemies. Your safest bet for finding a chest would be the trucks that are just outside of the mine. One chest can spawn in the bed of these trucks and no one ever thinks to land there.

Complete a lap of the Race Track in Happy Hamlet (0/1) – 10 Battle Stars

Like the above challenge, be prepared for a slew of enemies all looking to complete this challenge. With this one, however, it shouldn’t be nearly as competitive as looking for chests will be. The race track can be located northeast of Happy Hamlet. Assuming Epic doesn’t require you to be in a vehicle for this race, simply run around the track one time. Begin at the starting line, make your way around the race track, and challenge complete.

Although, if Epic does require a vehicle, a good approach would be to land somewhere close, like Frosty Flights, secure a Baller, and make your way to Happy Hamlet. Just remember that staying on the track at all times is key for this challenge to count.

Fortnite Battle Pass Challenge Guide: Season 8, Week 5

Battle Pass Challenges

Get 15 bounces in a single throw with the Bouncy Ball toy (0/15) – 5 Battle Stars

While this challenge may seem silly at first, it could prove quite challenging. The Bouncy Ball toy is unlocked at tier 26 in the Season 8 Battle Pass, so if you don’t have it unlocked this challenge can’t be completed. If you do have it unlocked, make sure to equip it to one of your top emote lockers so it’s easily accessible.

After you equip it, go into any regular game of Fortnite and land somewhere with a tall structure. This could be any mountain, the volcano, a building, etc. Then simply toss the bouncy ball off, and after 30 seconds to a minute, you will get a notification in the killfeed. This notification will tell you how many times your ball bounced. If it bounced 15 times or more, challenge complete.

However, if for some reason this is proving difficult, there is an easier way. Build a 1×1 somewhere safe and secure and toss your bouncy ball inside. It will bounce around the walls and eventually will bounce at least 15 times.

Stage 1: Gain 50 Shield from Mushrooms / Stage 2: Gain 100 Shield from Small Shield Potions / Stage 3: Gain 100 Shield from Shield Potions (0/250) – 5 Battle Stars total

Perhaps the easiest challenge this week can be done in one sitting. For the first stage, you will need to consume 10 mushrooms for a total of 50 shield. A great strategy for doing this is landing in Shifty Shafts. There are several mushrooms on the outside of Shifty, and while everyone else is fighting to search chests, you can consume mushrooms. Eat 10, and the next stage opens up. Note: You cannot consume mushrooms if you are at full shield.

The next two stages are purely based on looting. In the second stage, you will need to earn 100 shield from small shield potions. Searching a few chests should yield at least three of these potions, but there are bound to be more. With the next stage, the same concept applies. A total of 100 shield needs consumed from big shield potions. The thing to remember with this challenge is if you are at 15 shield and drink 2 big shield potions, then you only consumed 85 shields total. Make sure to use your potions effectively to complete this challenge.

Use a Volcano Vent, a Zipline, and a Vehicle in the same match (0/1) – 10 Battle Stars

At first glance, this challenge might seem a tad difficult if you don’t know where to land. However, there is one premier landing spot to complete this challenge in less than five minutes.

Sunny Steps is one of the few locations on the map that has all three of these things in close proximity. Sitting northeast of the volcano, there are a plethora of volcano vents around. If the Battle Bus goes over the location correctly, you can hit a vent as you’re landing. If not, there are a handful of vents a few hundred feet off Sunny Steps.

As for the vehicle, there are a couple of Ballers just north of Sunny Steps at a metal structure. Landing here would be the most ideal strategy since the zipline is very close.

Go a little south from this location, and there is a zipline attached to a mountain. The order in which you do these things is up to you, but landing near Sunny Steps yields the highest probability to get this challenge done quick.

Eliminate 3 opponents at Pirate Camps (0/3) – 10 Battle Stars

Usually, there is somewhat of a plan for these “eliminate opponents” challenges. However, this week Epic stepped it up. These pirate camps are scattered all over the map, and while they are plentiful, they are not big in size. There is very limited loot, which is a good and bad thing. It’s good if you get one of the few weapons but bad if you end up with only your pickaxe.

Securing the high ground is always a safe bet, but in this case, try to spot an item from a distance and go for it. This challenge may take some time, but it rewards 10 battle stars once it is complete.

You can find every Pirate Camp location in the image below.

Fortnite Battle Pass Challenge Guide: Season 8, Week 5

Secret Battle Star Location

Once every one of these challenges is done, the secret battle star becomes available. Rewarding one tier skip in the Battle Pass, this battle star is at a specific location on the map.

This week’s battle star is located at the elevated lava waterfall south of the volcano. When you land at this location, there will be two lava waterfalls. The battle star is not on the ground level waterfall but on the second floor. It is at the base of this waterfall, and once you interact with it, the tier skip is yours.

Fortnite Battle Pass Challenge Guide: Season 8, Week 5

That’s it for this week’s challenges! We hope this guide was helpful in your quest. Is there anything else you would like to see from these guides in the future? Let us know in the comments below. Make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for all of your Fortnite news and updates.

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