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This is a hot week over at the For Honor camp. As previously stated, this week marks the official release of the game event, Reigning Inferno. The iconic Mt. Ignis has erupted, and every warrior is feeling the burn. This event, running from August 16 until August 30, promises to be pure fire. From a new event game mode to totally new loot, aesthetics, and weapons, Reigning Inferno will be the smoke show not to miss. Fresh off their previous live stream, Ubisoft is blazing forward with all you need to know to smoke some foes.

Okay, what IS Reigning Inferno?

Reigning Inferno is For Honor‘s season 7 event. Every season has a special event that Ubisoft hosts, which usually offers prizes and a lot of fun. The cornerstone of this event is focused around a new game mode, called Infernal Dominion. This mode comes with similar rules, but with some added twists and perils. For the entirety of the event, players can finish special faction-restricted orders while defending their territory.

Warrior's Den
The Warrior’s Den fired off some steamy details for the heat of battle.

Tell me more about Infernal Dominion, please!

This ain’t your dad’s Dominion. Or maybe it is, seeing as how the game’s only a couple years old. Anyway, this Dominion mode comes with some extra twists to it. Like the traditional mode, two teams of four fight to get 1000 points. However, any captured zones get engulfed in fiery walls of considerable damage whenever contested. The zones in question (A and C, respectively) yield 4 points a second when they’re boosted by players. This is practically double the amount one usually gains from boosting a zone. However, these zones no longer heal players. In order to regain health, fighters must now clear minions or regain health the hardcore way — die.

This mode also offers a fire immunity boost in the centre of the map and a fire damage boost that causes attacks to do damage over time, similar to a bleed.

The competition is heating up, giving warriors a burning desire to win.

So what kinda fun stuff can I do during this event?

There are 2 daily orders every day, with a faction-dependent description. These replace the usual daily orders and invite warriors to protect territories in danger. From August 16 to August 19, there’s a special “Eruption Of Mt. Ignis” Call to Arms order. The winning faction will receive 1000 Steel and a volcano emblem symbol. After this order, three more faction competition orders will appear shortly after. The rewards for these are as follows:

Beaufort Stronghold / August 19th @ 7 PM UTC to August 23rd @ 5 PM UTC

  • 1st place: 1000 Steel and Knight Castle Emblem Symbol
  • 2nd place: 500 Steel and Knight Castle Emblem Symbol
  • 3rd place: 500 Steel and Knight Castle Emblem Symbol

Iarla Stronghold / August 23rd @ 7 PM UTC to August 27th @ 5 PM UTC

  • 1st place: 1000 Steel and Viking Castle Emblem Symbol
  • 2nd place: 500 Steel and Viking Castle Emblem Symbol
  • 3rd place: 500 Steel and Viking Castle Emblem Symbol

Kyuden Stronghold / August 27th @ 7 PM UTC to August 30th @ 12 PM UTC

  • 1st place: 1000 Steel and Samurai Castle Emblem Symbol
  • 2nd place: 500 Steel and Samurai Castle Emblem Symbol
  • 3rd place: 500 Steel and Samurai Castle Emblem Symbol
The developers raise a toast to their charring new game mode.

So, tell me about this loot!

There’s a considerable amount of swag to be had in this event.

Event-only items can be looted in the following game modes — in both PVP and AI matches — during Reigning Inferno:

  • Dominion

  • Tribute

  • Skirmish

  • Elimination

  • Brawl

  • Duel (only in PVP)

  • All available ranked modes

  • Infernal Dominion

The following items can drop, at random, at the end of every match:

  • Ornament: Flamerider

  • Battle Outfit: Aria of Daybreak

  • Idle Effect: Reigning Inferno

  • Emote Effect: Reigning Inferno

  • Execution Effect: Reigning Inferno

Reigning Inferno Gear
New masks, weapons, and effects await!

Every character has one weapon set, made of three gear pieces. These pieces are available in scavenger crates as well as through gameplay. While other goodies can be found in the Reigning Inferno bundles, the weapons aren’t included. The mask outfits and new effect emote are part of these bundles and drop August 23.

What’s good at the game store for Reigning Inferno?

There are three additional Reigning Inferno Mask Outfits for purchase at 15,000 steel (discounted from 20,000) until August 23 and onward. These outfits are part of the Reigning Inferno bundles available from August 23 to September 3. The new Volcanic Destruction Blast emote, which is a nod to a certain Street Fighter character, drops August 23 as well. This is available until August 30 for 10,000 steel. None of these items can be looted, only bought.

Cool! Any special offers?

The bundles are offered from August 23 to September 3 at 30,000 steel. After this, they will be removed from the store. For Honor events offer gear and effects that are only available during the event, so time is of the essence. The team also has stated that they’ll calculate the price dynamically. This means that the price will reduce based on the content that players already own.

What exactly is in this Reigning Inferno bundle?

A bundle will contain the following:

  • Emote: Volcanic Destruction Blast

  • Mask Outfits: According to the hero’s faction

  • Ornament: Flamerider

  • Battle Outfit: Aria of Daybreak

  • Idle Effect: Reigning Inferno

  • Emote Effect: Reigning Inferno

  • Execution Effect: Reigning Inferno

Can’t wait! Anything else that the team covered?

The developers have acknowledged community complaints about penalization. Apparently, players have been getting penalized for actual disconnects instead of willingly leaving a match. They’ve stated that at this time it’s difficult for them to discern between an intentional disconnect and legitimate connectivity issues. They’re looking into it.

They’re also temporarily reversing a change that resulted in certain Hero abilities not draining stamina if an opponent was already out of stamina. These moves are as follows:


  • “The Long Arm”
  • “Shove”


  • “Tackle”
  • “Double Dodge Kick”
  • “Front Roll Kick”


  • “Headbutt”
  • “Demon’s Embrace”


  • “Sprint Front Throw”
  • “Stampede Charge”
  • “Stunning Tap”


  • “Caber Toss”

The developer comments state that the changes to these attacks were part of a change to stamina damage management that they’ve been working on for a little while. Their intent is to pause stamina drain while an opponent is recovering, as opposed to them losing even more stamina. Some players get locked in situations where they never recover stamina.

The problem was that these changes were supposed to drop with the rest of changes to stamina.

The full patch notes can be viewed here.

What are your thoughts on the new event mode? Tell us!