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This past Warrior’s Den in the For Honor camp showcased a lot of exciting stuff. Currently in offseason, the game’s seventh season, Storm and Fury, is right around the corner. In comparison to the Vikings steamrolling 2017, this year has been rather close, with Samurai and Knights winning some seasons as well. The devs at Ubisoft took to the stream to discuss the upcoming season.

 “We know you’re not a community that likes removals, but you are a community we love to listen to.”

The poignant quote above – by community developer Eric Pope – was in response to a recent issue. On a previous stream, the For Honor devs stated that they will be removing content from the game and rotating it throughout the weeks moving forward. While they stated that this content would not be gone forever, it would return at certain times. This would include aesthetic items and animations.

Ubisoft’s reasoning here was to clean up the game menus and interface, but this caused a considerable amount of backlash from the community. Players argued that it would not be fair to new players for content to be inaccessible. Others from the playerbase complained that they did not grind enough steel to buy everything they wanted. After receiving the feedback, Ubisoft addressed the issue. They stated that they have listened to their fans and will not be moving forward with content limitations.

The community spoke, Ubisoft listened.

For Honor Season 7 Ranked Changes

Next up are the exciting changes coming to competitive play in Season 7. First, Ubisoft is introducing Master and Grandmaster rank. These are two entirely new rank levels, which signify who the best players in the world are – the top 1%. After finishing the Diamond 5 rank, players advance to these two ranks. There are currently divisions for North America, Europe and Asia. There will also be leaderboards for players added to For Honor. Ranked duel will now be separated from tournament mode as well. In addition, duel tournaments will become weekend-only events. They will be returning old ranked rewards, introducing a new loot table and adding new rewards.

For Honor season 7 master rank.
Season 7 introduces two new ranks for the best of the best.

Full Season 7 reveal coming soon

For Honor will be releasing a full reveal stream for the first week of August that will fully showcase the two Hero reworks (Valkyrie and Warden). There is a new map, called Secluded Keep, along with a suggestion regarding gear stat changes and a deep dive with the audio team. The team will be playing the new player mode, Breach, on a previously unseen map coming in October! This stream also promises plenty of Marching Fire info, as well as the chance to win 100K steel in Twitch drops.

For Honor roadmap
For Honor has plenty of events leading into Season 7.

New executions!

The team has dropped some new executions, as well. These are unique to every Hero, and cost 7K steel each. The executions feature some new voice lines, and most of them have a very fun theme. That’s right, the majority of them ledge! As a reminder for newer players, this means that if done by a ledge or cliff, the executions will send the opponent falling to their deaths. This has been described as ‘more satisfying’ than regular executions by the community.

Xbox Games with Gold

From August 16 to September 15, For Honor will be free as a part of Xbox’s Games with Gold. What this means is that Xbox One players can grab the game free and play it forever during this period of time. Players will have to keep their Gold subscription in order to retain access to any games acquired during this time, however.

Are you excited for Season 7 of For Honor? Let us know below! Catch up on the Warrior’s Den stream here.