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Fnatic have clinched the last LEC ticket for the 2022 League of Legend World Championship after taking down Misfits Gaming in round 2 of Playoffs. Fnatic suffered a scare against Excel last week but were able to come out on top with a reverse sweep to keep their Worlds hopes alive.

“We all play better as [a] team right now, and we trust [each other] more,” said Iván “Razork” Martín in the post-game interview.

With the win, Fnatic will mark their 10th appearance at Worlds and face MAD Lions in an elimination best-of-five series for a chance at the lower bracket semifinals.

A dominant display from Fnatic

Fnatic came into game one of the series looking like a revitalized team, with their jungler leading the charge. Fnatic decided to go for a more different look in bot lane with the Kalista and Renata Glasc picks for early game priority. The decision paid off massively; they shut down the Misfits bot lane and never really gave them a chance to have any impact on the game.

Fnatic controlled the first game from start to finish but almost gave Misfits a way back in after an over extension in top lane in the late game. However, the little mistake did not matter as they were about 8,000 gold ahead with a dragon soul and baron buff.

Furthermore, Game 2 also started in Fnatic’s favor despite an early bot lane slip. While Fnatic controlled the game, they found it hard to keep up with the Trundle and Soraka combination from Misfits. The game gradually turned in Misfits favour with an overfed Zeri and an ever healing Soraka. However, they failed to watch out once again for Razork’s Poppy in the baron pit and paid for it with another loss in the series.

The third game was a much better start from Misfits but an over extension in top lane turned the game in favor of Fnatic. After taking firm control of the mid game, Fnatic ran away with it taking every single objective in the game and wiping out Misfits off the map. They wrecked havoc to Misfits base at just 22 minutes with baron empowered minions. Fnatic closed out the game just one minute later with a 15,000 gold lead and the dragon soul.

LEC World teams

While seeding is yet to be determined, the LEC representatives at Worlds 2022 are:

  • G2 Esports
  • Fnatic
  • Rogue
  • MAD Lions


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