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FlyQuest qualifies as first NA team heading to Worlds

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Through hard work and dedication, FlyQuest defeated Cloud9 3-1 in the 2020 League of Legends Championship Series Summer Playoffs Semifinals. The victory came as a surprise to many viewers as they now reign over North America’s top LCS team. FlyQuest is the second team to announce its entrance into Worlds, with LEC team Rogue being the first.

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An exciting evening for FlyQuest

“This has been such a long and hard journey for me in my pursuit of making it back to worlds.” said FlyQuest Jungler Lucas “Santorin” Larsen. Ever since C9’s decline in performance for the second half of the Summer Split, FlyQuest’s odds of winning grew higher. Even though C9 struggled to find success in their later matches, they still managed to finish in second place, earning a bye in playoffs. On August 14, FlyQuest managed to win their game against Evil Geniuses 3-2, posing as a possible threat for C9. In the end, C9 couldn’t pull together for Thursday’s match, giving the victory over to FlyQuest.

The first game of the night started off with a successful invasion by FlyQuest. Once they killed C9’s Jungler Robert “Blabber” Huang, the odds of C9 winning seemed slim. FlyQuest managed to take over objectives, initiate team fights, and end the game in 30 minutes. For the second game, C9 quickly got back on their feet and pushed their way to FlyQuest’s Nexus. The final two games were matches of tug-of-war as both teams fought over objectives and kills. Unfortunately for C9, FlyQuest had more control over the map and team fights, which led to their triumph. Overall, C9’s failure to adapt to their opponent during champion picks also added to their loss, as they picked Ezreal/Yuumi for each game.

FlyQuest is now heading to Round 4 of Playoffs, also seen as the winners’ bracket finals. If they end up qualifying for the LCS final, they’ll be put into one of the top two seeds for NA. If C9 manages to get through the playoffs, they can still have a shot at going to Worlds.

Congratulations, FlyQuest!