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FlyQuest has announced Super TreeQuest, an expansion of their TreeQuest campaign. This initiative encourages teams and people around the world to plant trees. Their real-world commitment to planting trees has inspired many players and organizations, and this new effort will plant an additional 10,000 trees should they win the LCS Spring Finals.

Additionally, FlyQuest will donate directly to the OneTreePlanted Organization for the final sum of trees planted in both the original TreeQuest and Super TreeQuest efforts.

Throughout the regular season of the LCS Spring Split, FlyQuest have planted 5,058 trees for TreeQuest. The initiative inspired other teams such as Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, TSM, and Dignitas to participate in similar acts. Evil Geniuses, for example, launched BookQuest, a book donation initiative.

Moreover, FlyQuest’s Go Green action is all about one thing: doing more for the environmental issues the world continues to face. For each milestone their League of Legends team reached, they pledged to plant trees. For example, one kill by FlyQuest meant one tree planted, one Ocean Drake meant ten trees, and a win meant one hundred trees.

The trees planted for Super TreeQuest will follow similar criteria. They will plant 200 trees once they win a Playoffs game, 2 trees for each FlyQuest kill, and 20 trees each time any team takes an Ocean Drake.

FlyQuest Super TreeQuest pledge

Working for a better environment

It’s no surprise to see FlyQuest looking to expand their environmental activism. CEO Tricia “Megumixbear” Sugita has mentioned she is passionate about making the world a better place. Her passions translate to the organization as a whole. And they, in turn, give back to the environment through hard work in both the real world and in-game.

Finally, tune in to watch FlyQuest begin their post-season game against Evil Geniuses on Saturday, April 4. They will play a best-of-5 series to determine who moves on to the winner’s finals of the Playoff Bracket.

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