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FlyQuest ended a ten-game loss streak during the League of Legends Championship Series after swapping in their Academy roster. FlyQuest was on one of the longest losing streaks in the history of the LCS after going winless for over three weekends. It was not until they removed Eric “Licorice” Ritchie from their roster and brought in the Academy team that they found success in the league.

In their matchup against Cloud9, FlyQuest had the nearly impossible task of taking them down. FlyQuest brought up their Academy roster for Week 6 of the LCS after their main roster failed to perform. The decision was a tall task for any team facing Cloud9 who remain a top-tier team despite their recent struggles. However, things worked out for FlyQuest and earned them their first win in over three weeks. The Academy roster for FlyQuest proved to be too much for Cloud9.

FlyQuest’s new roster smashes Cloud9

Cloud9 had to face off against a brand new FlyQuest with Colin “Kumo” Zhao stepping in place of Licorice who was traded to Golden Guardians. He went above and beyond his matchup against Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami while playing Nautilus. However, Fudge was the only one that popped on the side of Cloud9 after having a 14/6/4 Kill/Death/Assist score line in lane while playing Akali.

Despite Fudge’s performance, Cloud9 could not hold FlyQuest’s comeback during the middle of the game. FlyQuest’s unexpected Academy synergy helped the team put together the teamwork that the previous iteration of the roster had been unable to produce. With a win over Cloud9, FlyQuest now moves to 10-24 in the standings. That win moved them up one spot in the current LCS standings and above Golden Guardians. They are currently tied for eighth place with CLG who won against TSM on Friday. They will finish the weekend off by playing against CLG and Immortals to potentially move to 12-24 and go undefeated for Week 6.