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FlyQuest became the first team from North America to win in the Group stage of this year’s League of Legends World Championship. This morning, FlyQuest faced off against the Unicorns of Love from the League of Legends Continental League in Group D. They are currently the only North American team to defeat another region in their group. Team Liquid and TSM have both lost their two starting matches in their respective groups.

North American League of Legends fans have been disappointed by their region during the World Championship for years. Cloud9, who are currently not attending Worlds, has been the only North American team to make it out of groups. Unfortunately, their fall from greatness during the LCS playoffs dissolved their chances at Worlds. In the history of League of Legends, Cloud9 has never missed the World Championships until this year.

Cloud9 was always regarded as the best team in North America, but FlyQuest could be looking to change that narrative. This is FlyQuest’s first time at the World Championship since their founding in 2017. Additionally, FlyQuest was the first team from North America to qualify for Worlds.

FlyQuest vs UOL in Worlds

FlyQuest was seemingly ahead the entirety of the game against Unicorns of Love despite being down kills and dragons. What they lack in kills and jungle pressure was made up for in farm and tower damage. At 20 minutes, UOL had secured both ocean and wind dragons but had already lost four towers to FlyQuest. This brought the North American team to a staggering 4,000 gold lead overall.

However, they began to back themselves into a corner when UOL picked up the third dragon and put themselves on soul point. This forced FlyQuest to answer to an upcoming dragon spawn which would give UOL Infernal soul. Support Donggeun “IgNar” Lee flashed into three members of UOL, which started off the fight. His knock up onto two players as Rakan helped Jason “WildTurtle” Tran lined the rest of the members up in his Miss Fortune ultimate.

FlyQuest stole the dragon away from UOL and then transferred over to Baron to keep their hopes of winning the game alive. They would go on to take down four more of UOL’s towers before eventually securing another dragon. At the 30 minute mark, FlyQuest’s jungler Lucas “Santorin” Larsen stole the second Baron. This would lead to multiple members of UOL dead and the first win for North America.

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