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More and more information is being released concerning the new Call of Duty League. As the offseason for CoD begins, the start of the inaugural CoD League season heats up. Today, Activision made the announcement that there are two new spots joining the league: Florida and Los Angeles.

With the addition of two more spots, the total is currently at 9 for the upcoming league. While it’s unlikely to stay 9, that number shouldn’t increase too much – at least, not for now. In the future, however, Activision hopes to expand to 28 teams. The league launches in January of 2020, but rosters will be formed long before then.

Two new teams join the fold

Though Florida is a new addition, Los Angeles already has a spot in the league owned by OpTic Gaming (Immortals). Given how big of a hub LA is, though, Activision clearly feels that the city warrants two separate spots.

The Florida spot is owned by MisfitsGG, who currently operates the Florida Mayhem Overwatch team. Misfits have a large investment from the NBA Miami Heat, who acquired a stake in the organization back in 2017.

Obviously, Misfits are a perfect match for the Florida spot in the Call of Duty League. They’re local and already have an OWL team nearby, which is a plus for Activision. The team has not made any announcement about its staff as of yet. However, the CEO of Misfits had this to say about joining the league:

Call of Duty is one of the most impactful titles in esports and we’re excited to take it to the next level with the new league.

On the other side of the country, Los Angeles gets another league spot. The first is owned by OpTic Gaming, who are owned by Immortals. The second LA spot will be operated by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment. Stan Kroenke, owner of this company, is also the owner of the NFL Los Angeles Rams and English Premier League team Arsenal. Kroenke’s group also owns the Los Angeles Gladiators of the OWL.

Johanna Faries, the commissioner of Call of Duty esports, said this about the two ownership groups:

Both ownership groups have a shared commitment to the growth of esports and building professional teams in their markets that home fans can be proud of and rally behind in the new city-based format.

The new season for the CoD League begins on Aug 26. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Call of Duty coverage!