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After the internet issues Ninjas in Pyjamas noticed in their recent game against Anonymo, Flashpoint has agreed to do a re-play. Ninjas in Pyjamas mentioned in a statement that due to packet loss issues, they should’ve been offered a rematch. Anonymo replied with their side of the story and weren’t happy with the proposed rematch considering they won. In the end, Flashpoint released their own statement on the situation, confirming a re-play happening soon.

“On Saturday morning (May 15, 2021), The League Ops team received and reviewed a formal request by NIP to replay either the third map of the series,  or the entire best-of-three against Anonymo Esports,” the statement said. “After careful consideration of the nature of the issue, the validity of the claim, and the importance of the match, the League Ops team has decided to accept NIP’s request to replay the match which was communicated to both teams later on the 15 May.”

Anonymo and Flashpoint release statements

Earlier this week, Ninjas in Pyjamas released a statement bringing this situation to light. It wasn’t too long afterwards that Anonymo released a statement of their own.

According to the statement, the team felt they were being pressured to replay the match despite having won fair and square after giving NiP options to reschedule or switch servers. “At the first timeout (1:1 in rounds) we’ve offered to reschedule it as soon as we’ve heard about the technical problems of NiP – they did not choose to do that,” the statement said. “We’ve offered to play on any official server that would work better for them except for the swedish one, which featured a ping too high for our players.”

Anonymo questioned the quality of the evidence allegedly proving NiP had these internet issues. Furthermore, they aren’t happy with the replay. “We’ve heard about the possible date of  the ‘replay’ match less than 24h before the supposed start of it (and during our semi-final match for the ESL Polish Championships). There’s not even enough time to properly respond,  let alone prepare for the match,” Anonymo said in the statement. “We’re being forced to play BO1 (last map) today or the full BO3 on Tuesday (18.5). It’s just ridiculous.”


Flashpoint has since updated its statement: “Update to the official statement – The match was originally scheduled for Sunday, May 16th, but is currently being rescheduled and no official rematch time has been confirmed. Anonymo has been offered the choice between playing the full BO3 or only the last Map.” There is currently no word on when the rematch will be rescheduled for.